The Official Vaseline Facebook Page

Are you following the Dry Skin Patrol on Facebook????

Be sure to scroll to the bottom to talk to the dry skin patrol.  We love reading your comments and answering your questions.

You can even request a sample, while supplies last.

I have a box of small travel size Vaseline Intensive Rescue Lotion and I'm working on a way to hand some of those out to the Supermom Fans.  Every time I have one in my purse I end up meeting someone that asks me about my "job" and I go into detail about the Dry Skin Patrol then give them my travel size lotion.

I'm just doing my part in helping make 1 million good skin days!!!!!

Check back for a way to get some of my lotion!!!!  In the mean time head over to the Official Vaseline Facebook Page and leave us a comment or ask us a question.