The Official Vaseline Facebook Page is Up about the Tour

Yesterday the Tour information went live on Vaseline's official Facebook page.  You will want to bookmark this link so you can keep up with me while I am traveling.

The Official Vaseline Facebook Page

When the tour gets started and on the way there will be videos and pictures added to this page!  SWEET!!!!!  There is also a place for you to request a free sample of Vaseline Intensive Rescue.

The really fun part about the page is there is a place where you can ask me a question.   You will want to click on the part with my name on the left.  I showed you with a pretty pink arrow.  Then just type up your question in the box on the right side.  It will go right to my Facebook page and then I will be so happy to answer you!

I cannot believe I will be leaving in 8 days.  I'm so excited.  I hope that you follow us on Facebook because I know it will be a lot of fun.

**I have been compensated by Unilever for making this statement.  However, the opinions 
expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.**