Obsessed or not, you tell me.

Another actual conversation.

Twilight Junkie:  You don't think we're obsessed, do you?

Supermom:  No, we aren't plastering our walls with posters and doodling Mrs.  Edward Cullen on everything?

Twilight Junkie:  You're not doodling?

Supermom:  Umm, no.  I take it you are.

Twilight Junkie:  I guess I'm more dedicated than you.

HA HA!!  I need to remind TJ that I did propose to Robert on my YouTube video.  That's called dedication.

Soooo, ummmm, errrrr I was sitting here and did this for you TJ:


TJ said…
Step off, Sister? I've already got an Edward. Just need to get him turned into a vampire and trade his car in for silver Volvo.