No, he didn't batt his eye lashes or whisper sweet nothings in my ear to get me to buy a phone.

My Blackberry Tour has been acting up making it impossible to depend on it.  Like over the weekend it kept freezing or just wouldn't respond to anything.  I had to take the battery out a dozen times or more.  Getting very frustrated about the whole process.  UGH!!!

So, I had a plan.  Superdad got a new phone last week and I love it.  I was going to go to Verizon and see about giving up my beloved Blackberry and get a phone like Superdad.  When I have something on the brain I tend to not be able to stop thinking about it until I act on it.  Even though I was dead sick I was going to Verizon.  Mind you I was already dressed because we had a Thanksgiving breakfast at O's school this morning.

Turns out Superdad's phone won't do what I need a phone to do.  I talked to Erik, with a K, about my needs for a phone.  The Internet is my business so I need to be able to do certain things on a phone and check my email.  I answer most of my email on my phone.

He showed me the Droid Incredible by HTC and I was instantly in love!!!  He pulled up my blog and I could even play my Vaseline commercial on the Droid.  I wasn't able to do that on the Blackberry.

I quote them:

Let's just put this out there: the Droid Incredible is the best Android device that you 
can purchase in America right now.

The best Jerry.  The best.  (I love quoting this!)

I have been so against anything with a touch screen but I'm getting used it to.  As soon as I learn all the ropes of using this phone I know I will be extremely thrilled!!!


Monica said…
Sorry not into finger prints on my screen... lint gets to me enough!!!!!! You have not sold me super mom... you just made his comission for the week! HaHa!!!
Supermom said…
I love my new phone!!!!!!