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Mom. Super Mom.

They don't call me Supermom for nothing.  Some even call me SuperLove and I LOVE it!!!!!  I am super, I am a mom and I have lots of love.

I woke up this morning and went to glance out the window in my bedroom only to be slightly sad there wasn't snow on the ground.  Sniff.  I did this a few times today.  I really enjoyed the snow.  I really enjoyed every single person I was with all weekend.  I really enjoyed Aspen.

I miss you Aspen!!!  I miss the Limelight Lodge!!!  I miss my room with the view.  I miss the fireplace at the end of the bed.  Sniff.  I don't miss skiing though.  Nope, never ever ever will I attempt to ski again.  Well, unless Vaseline wants me to but only for them.

So, today I was back to being Supermom and taking care of things.  I'm still trying to shake off the cold I caught in Philly so that has me dragging.  I washed all the dirty clothes in the house.  Where the hell did all those clothes come from?!?!?!?  I just now finished folding them and putting them up.  SIGH!!!  

I vacuumed and mopped today.  I dusted today.  I even cleaned two bathrooms today.  THEN.....we put the Christmas tree up.  It's beautiful.  I'm sitting right beside it now typing up this blog post.  

Like I stated above.  I'm Mom.  Super Mom.  Shaken not stirred.  ha ha

I really think this is the first time I've sat down today.  It feels good.  Really good.  

I still cannot believe it is almost Christmas!!!!  Shaking head.  I haven't done any of my shopping!!!!  I haven't had time.  So, my goal next week is to Christmas shop in one day.  Yes, you heard me.  One day.  As you all know I hate shopping.  HATE IT!!  That's why I'm secure with knowing I can and will get it all done in one day!!!!!  

I hope we get some snow soon!!  Must have snow!!  A lot of snow!!!!!  Pretty please.

I took this picture on my balcony Sunday morning before heading to the airport.  Sniff.  I can honestly say that Aspen has been the most beautiful place I have ever visited.  Okay, top 10 places.  


Laurel said…
I haveta call you SuperLove because EVERY SINGLE time life kicks me in the teeth you are there to remind me you care!

I can't agree with you on the snow tho, I just cant stand cold weather, maybe if it fell in July??? But it is more bearable with my wonderfully long scarf that I can wrap my whole head in :)

Supermom said…

I am always here for you. I love my nickname, SuperLove.


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