Mia Farrow Rosemary's Baby Haircut

Today I went to Wink's: Heads & Threads for a new do.  With me going on tour soon I wanted a nice cut to show off.  I first heard about Wink's on Facebook.  I've even entered their Wink's Ambush Makeover a few times to try their amazing place out.  Since I never won the ambush I decided to make my own appointment and give it a go.


Before Hair Picture

After Nicole was finished:

After Hair Picture

This picture was snapped of me while enjoying lunch at Laughing Seed downtown.  

Nicole was awesome!!!  She said she was giving me a very classic Vidal Sassoon look.  Like Mia Farrow from Rosemary's Baby.

I really like my hair and I'm glad I didn't torture myself with trying to let it grow.

Here's a random picture I took downtown while walking to eat lunch.

Fall in Asheville 2010

I has been a lovely day.  Thanks to everyone that made it enjoyable.


Anonymous said…
Looks great! You look like a 20 year old. How much does Winks charge for a cut?
Supermom said…
It was $60.00 to get this great cut.

I admit, that is a lot more than I usually pay for a cut but it was totally worth it.

I'm worth it. :)
I love your new hair style. It really looks great on you.

My hair is long and I've thought several times of having it cut, but I always chicken out.

I think if it's long you can always put it up, but after seeing your great cut I may think again.
Mary said…
Your new hairstyle is just so darling, it is short and sassy. A busy mom on the go needs something that can be styled easy. Michelle no matter your hairstyle you always look good
Supermom said…
Thank you Mary!