Dry Skin Patrol = Making Two New Friends

You never know what to expect when you are thrown together with other women you have only met through email.  Plus, I admit I am a homebody and don't get out to make friends anyway.  It's just my nature.

I was nervous about meeting Kailani and Kari because you never know how you will get along in person.  Kari's first opinion was that I was tall.  HA HA!!  Kailani just gave me a huge hug like we'd known each other our whole life.

I am so happy to have met these two wonderful women that happen to be bloggers like me and can relate to a busy life.

Kailani writes An Island Life and lives in Hawaii with her husband and their three kids.

I totally stole this picture off her blog.

This is Kailani, she was gracious enough to walk most of the 8k with me on Saturday.  All I wanted to do was curl up in the fetal position and cry for my mommy.  (Note:  I found out why I felt so bad during the marathon.  I've been anemic due to my uterus issues and take iron daily.  That really impacted me physically trying to compete in this race.  I've doubled up my iron and hope to feel much better in Aspen.)

Kari writes a Giveaway Addicted Mommy and lives in California with her husband and three sons.  

Again, I totally stole this picture off her blog.

I love her smile in this picture!!!!!!  That's the camera we all took turns wearing during the race so viewers can get a runners perspective.  I know for a fact that they are going to enjoy hearing my commentary while I was wearing the camera!!!  Maybe they will make a bloopers video!!!  Now, that would be hilarious!!!

I want to congratulate Kari in finishing first for the Dry Skin Patrol!  You ROCK!  I bow down to you!  

After the marathon and we had time to wind down, the girls came to my room about 4:30 pm and stayed until 10:30 pm.  We talked, laughed, ate and laughed some more.  You should have seen us.  Kailani on her laptop at my desk, Kari in the chair on her laptop and me in bed on my laptop.  It was hilarious.  We are the life of the party!  Too sore to move but still the life of a party.

It's nice that we have became friends on our Dry Skin Patrol and I look forward to hanging out with them again in Aspen, which is two days from now.  I reminded them to pack their swim suits so we can hang out in the outside hot tub after skiing on Saturday.

So, if anyone needs us you will know where to find us.

**I have been compensated by Unilever for my time to travel on the Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol Tour.  
However, the opinions expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.**


Totally teared up here. I am so thankful that we all get along so well - I am not sure how the folks at Vaseline thought it would all turn out on that front but they couldn't have done a better job of matching us up. I can honestly say that I will continue to consider you friends long after our tour is over.
Go Team! Aspen won't know what hit them.
Supermom said…
Oh hush!! Don't go getting all soft on me!! Kailani blogged about us too so I wanted to add my opinion of our new friendship. (huge smile)

I cannot wait to get to Aspen!!!
Mayo said…
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kailani said…
I agree! I couldn't have gotten any luckier to be hanging out with such awesome bloggers and women! This experience wouldn't be the same without you!
Supermom said…
Mayo ~ you would love Vaseline Intensive Rescue. It has healed my dry skin!! love it!! I wouldn't be promoting a product if I didn't believe in it.

I cannot wait to see you two in NY!!!