I made it!!!

Flying wasn't so bad!!  I just took a deep breath and went with the flow.  I'm settled into my room now with the heat on high.  Riding to the hotel I was able to take a sneak peak at Philadelphia, it is really beautiful here!!!!  I don't have any plans until 6 when we are having a dinner.  No pressure or anything.  The dinner will be meeting everyone involved including the Vaseline people.  This is "their baby" and I want it to be perfect for them.

On the flight to Philadelphia I made friends with this handsome man beside me.  Turns out he is Jalil Lynch a stunt man.  Who is afraid of heights!  ha ha  I tease.  He really isn't afraid of heights.  He wasn't going to tell me about himself but make me wait to Google him when I was able to get to a computer.  We talked about our kids and work.  It was nice.  He promised to distract me if we were going to crash or something.  Now, that's a true gentleman.

I told him I was going to blog about him so he will be reading this soon I bet.  Hey Jalil!!!  I'm blogging about you!!!!!!  I even posted a picture of you!!!! I will think about joining the SAG since you want me too!!!!

Okay, here are a few random pictures.

This was the sign at the airport!!  I'm famous.  Or something like that.  HA HA!

The yummies in my room.  I'm already munching away as I type this.

This is where I'm going in a minute to take a nap.

My head is pounding from flying.  I guess the pressure in the airplane played a big part.  I'm OD'ing on migraine meds, pain killers and motion sickness medication!  WHAT A DAY!!!!!!


Monica said…
That is so cool you got to hang out with a big star. He wanted you to treat him like anyone else why he did not reveal himself to you. Supermom meet a superstar!