I don't know what I'm going to do.

Sigh.  I really don't know what I'm going to do come Friday when I leave my four children and husband at home while I travel.  I've never spent more than one night away from Superdad and I've only spent one night away from Lil O and that was because I was in the hospital having Baby M and I've never been away from Baby M.


Baby M still nurses during the day and night.  Don't judge me!  Not for nourishment, just for comfort.  I'm her pacifier at times.  She's going to flip not having her ninny and she's going to be so upset which will make Superdad upset since he will have to comfort her.

I just told him to NOT call me with a crying baby.  It would only upset me since I will not able to do anything because I will be in a different state.

I'm going to terribly miss my children and my husband while I am on tour.  I know they will be able to survive without me but but but...

Who's going to pick up after them?  Who's going to keep them in order?  Who's going to scream for them to NOT WEAR SHOES IN THE HOUSE!!!  Trust me, I will know if they have been!  (warning glare)  Who's going to ???


I brought the suitcase upstairs on Saturday and have been packing my clothes.  I even have my outfit picked out of Friday.  I want to look super nice when I get there.  WOW!!  Traveling like an adult and not a mom.  Not having to count heads to make sure all of my four kids are around.  Not having to rush them to the bathroom.  Not wearing wrinkled clothes because they have been crawling all over me.  Not being used as a human napkin.

I may like this traveling after all......


Monica said…
My Dear BFF you and I have gone back and forth on these issues so many times. I will just state my side for your followers. Superdad needs to be able to cook and help out around the house. I mean what if (heaven forbit you were sick and could not cook and clean) and I was cooking at H and Bs age and helping around the house.... Ok nuf said...lol You will come back and I advise just bulldose the place! Start over...lol This will be shell shock for M but she needs to learn to comfort herself and that daddy can dry tears and snuggle too.

This is going to be a great time for Daddy to have alone time with his girls. They need to know if mommy is not there he is going to be.

As we know we love our daddys and this will help to build that bond with them.
Anonymous said…
Does this mean you won't have to nurse anymore when you get home? Will Baby M basically wean herself?
Michelle said…
Keep us posted on how the nursing goes. My little one is the same age and I just started a full time job. It is so hard to be away from them I totally understand. Luckily I am at home at night though. Have a good trip and enjoy it. First few days for the husbands are rough but then they get into the swing of things!
Supermom said…
Monica ~ I'm not worried about Superdad cooking or my kids cooking. That will come whenever it does. Shrug. They are able to take care of themselves in that way if they need be. They're not totally incompetent just because I will be away.

I'm glad that she gets time with Superdad. :)

Anonymous ~ It looks that way. She may want to nurse when I get home and I will let her. I love nursing her. :) Secretly, I hope she picks right back up on nursing when I get home.

Michelle ~ Thanks for the comment. :)
ToyXplosion said…
This is my first time visiting your blog and I just want to say HAVE A BLAST and I am wishing you the best of luck as you travel! This will be a trip you will never forget. Can't wait to hear all about it. Bookmarking your blog now. :)