Hormonal Teenager called me old.

Okay, she didn't use those exact words but pretty close.  I heard her loud and clear.

Today I had pinned my hair up to try and decide if I was going to get my hair cut before the Vaseline Tour or continue to let it grow.  So, I pick up hormonal teenager from high school and this is how she repays me.

Hormonal Teenager ~ You can see your grey with you hair like that.

Supermom ~ It's your fault.

Hormonal Teenager ~ I know.

Once we get home I take my hair down and go find hormonal teenager.

Supermom ~ I think I look better with my hair shorter.

Hormonal Teenager ~ It makes you look younger.

Supermom ~ Are you calling me old?????

I told you she called me old in her hormonal teen speak.  She cannot talk her way out of that one.

Here lately I really enjoy my time with hormonal teenager.  Don't get me wrong, I always enjoy my time with her it's just now she seems older.  Make sense?  We can be totally honest with each other and just say what's on our minds without having to worry about how it may sound.

She can give me a hard time about my grey hair, my baby pouch belly and wearing something out of fashion and I pay no attention to it.  Trust me, she does this a lot.

She knows when I think her pants are too tight to be worn out of the house or a blouse is too low.  She knows I may not approve of a guy she likes and she knows that I will kick his butt all over Asheville if he hurts her.  

I may have had hormonal teenager at a young age, at 20, but I wouldn't change it at all.  She was a special gift and I am thankful for it.  I am very proud of her and so is her dad.  We know how wonderful she is.  We love you H.


Anonymous said…
Cut it! You look awesome w/ it short and pixie! Cut it!
Laurel said…
I once told my MIL she was the cause of my grey hair!

And what baby pouch belly??? In all your PICS Ive never seen it! She cracks on you fot that, show her my swimsuit PIC!!

You're Supermom, you can look h owever you want too!
Momo-Mama said…
I had my daughter the month before ! turned 21 and it makes for a wonderful relationship!
My momma was 18. I'm proud to be a mistake.

(Not that Hormonal Teenager is)