Healthy Snacks for the Kids and a few Meal Ideas in a rush.

Yesterday a Supermom fan requested that I blog about healthy snacks and meal ideas, so that is just what I'm going to do.

Healthy Snacks Made Easy.

In our house we always have easy snacks for the kids that are also healthy.  Here are a few ideas of things to keep around for those hungry kids.  (Note:  Since we are an organic family the snacks and food that I prepare at home are organic.  They can be purchased at most grocery stores and organic grocery stores.)

~ Carrots.  Kids love those crunchy orange sticks.  Plain or dip them in ranch dressing.

~ Celery.  Another crunchy snack that can be dipped in almond butter, sunbutter or peanut butter.  Throw on a few raisins or chocolate chips for fun.

~ Apples.  We love apples.

~ Raisins.  Throw a handful in with a chopped apple for a tasty treat.

~ Organic Yogurt.  (Not the bright colored stuff full of sugar, technically that's not even yogurt if you read the label.)  Organic yogurt is the most yummiest thing you can buy!!!!!  I will buy whole milk yogurt with cream on top.  LOVE IT!!  My kids love the vanilla yogurt and maple yogurt.  Add crunchy granola or some blueberries.  They'll love it, I promise.

~ Cheese Sticks.

~ Bananas.  I call them Banana Wheels because of how I slice them.  Add some almond butter, sunbutter or peanut butter on top of each wheel if you want.  You cannot go wrong with almond butter, sunbutter or peanut butter.

~ Grapes.

How's that for healthy snacks?  All of the above is found in my kitchen at all times.

Meal Ideas in a Rush.

I like all my meals to be rather easy to make yet so yummy you'd think I spent all day cooking them.  Here are a few things you will always find in my kitchen to make life easy and give you many options to throw a meal together rather quickly.

~ Spinach or some other salad green for a salad.  Add a chopped up carrot, celery and some onion and you have a healthy side in a matter of minutes.

~ Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes.  They can be mashed, baked or even fried in olive oil.  Throw in some spices and butter and the kids will love them.  Promise.

~ Frozen Veggies or Fresh.  I always have frozen veggies or fresh in the house.  I never buy canned veggies.  (I will even freeze my own veggies to use at a later date.)  You can add frozen veggies to a box of mac & cheese for a quick lunch.   Frozen veggies can be prepared in a few minutes and they are very healthy.  Add some butter, salt and pepper and you have a yummy side dish.

~ Tuna.  Tuna is so yummy added to a pasta dish.  Cook your pasta as directed.  After drained add frozen peas, tuna, garlic, basil, olive oil and a cheese of your choice (I love manchego cheese with tuna).  Heat until everything is hot.  My kids love tuna pasta.   Don't forget tuna salad for a yummy lunch idea as well.

~Eggs.  Pie Crusts.  Cheese.  I always have these things in the house.  They can be cooked alone or together for a yummy quiche.  Quiches are good to make when you have leftovers like ham, peas, sweet potatoes, etc...  Breakfast for dinner is awesome!!!

~ Ground Sirloin.  Can be used for a meatloaf, hamburgers, spaghetti sauce or into a one-pot-wonder meal.  Always keep a couple of pounds in the freezer.  Buy when the meat is on sale and freeze in one pound packages.

~ Dried Beans and Rice.

This is just a few ideas of making quick and easy meals for the family.  I hope that this helps spark some ideas for you to use in the future.   Please feel free to comment below with your healthy snack and meal ideas in a rush.  I'd love to hear them.


Whole Foods Groupie said…
This all sounds great! Now, explain how you feed 4 kids organic w/out going broke. What is your weekly grocery bill?
Anonymous said…
My family loves a green salad w/ chili and cheese baked potatoes. Some crusty french bread and the meal is easy and complete!
Laurel said…
Do you deliver??
Supermom said…
I buy when on sale and I clip coupons. I shop at Earth Fare and buy their name brand products as well. I spend about $140.00 a week. I have learned to stretch things and work with what I have in the kitchen.
Great list. As a SunButter blogger, I'm happy you included our product. As a fellow crazy-busy mom, I appreciate all the ideas. Thanks for another great post!