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No one wants to die in the forest!! Kids have a way with words.

Happy Thanksgiving.

I want to wish all my family, friends and #1 fans a wonderful Thanksgiving.  May today be fun of wonderful memories for you!  Eat lots of turkey and pumpkin pie!!!!  I know that I will be.

In celebration of today I am going to name off only a few things I am thankful for.

  • My Husband
  • My Children
  • My Family
  • My Friends; Anna, Monica, Renee, Twilight Junkie, Mary Jane and Laurel.  Sorry if I left anyone out on that one.  I've got snot running down my face and I just want to finish this post.
  • My New Droid Cellphone  ha ha
  • My House....and fuel to heat it with.
  • Vaseline and the Dry Skin Patrol, allowing me to venture out of my comfort zone and experience new things.
  • Cotton Yarn
  • Crochet Hooks
  • Sunbutter
That's all I have time for now.  

So, go out and enjoy the day.

I made this card on


Laurel said…
mmmm yeah, the comfort zone, thankful for that! Been going outta mine a lot too lately. Happy Turkey Day SuperLove, VERY thankful for you & your guiding words.
Supermom said…
Go read it again. :)
Monica said…
I'm Thankful for having a great friend like you in my life too...<3
Marian said…
Awww! Tear :( I'm thankful for you, too. I'm also thankful for the upcoming release of the Twilight movies! Team Edward. Happy Thanksgiving.
kailani said…
Hope you and your family had a wonderful Thanksgiving! See you in Aspen tomorrow!

Btw, what is sunbutter?
Hi again, Michelle.
I've been following your blog since your adorable heart-imprinted sandwiches this fall, but just must comment again on this one. We're honored SunButter made your list. Believe me when I say we're very thankful for innovative moms like you. And I KNOW you'll enlighten Kailani to SunButter : )
Thanks for another great post.
Supermom said…

Elizabeth ~ Yes, I told Kailani all about SunButter in Aspen!!!!

How about sending me a case?? HA HA!! It never hurts to ask since I buy a jar a week!!!

I'm glad you enjoy the blog!

Michelle :)
You make me smile.
Well, I probably can't do a case of SunButter, but I can make sure you get some SunButter. We set up a little signup online. It's here:
It's painless, I promise, and it gets to the right product-sharing people here. And I can't WAIT to see what you do with your complementary SunButter : )

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No one wants to die in the forest!! Kids have a way with words.

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