Full Body Scan or Gate Rape as they are calling it.

It's all over the news about the new full body scans that are in some airports.  You can read about the scan on TSA's site and you will also want to read what the news is saying about this process.

I'm a bit leery because I will traveling tomorrow on an airplane.  I really don't want to do the scan because of everything that I have read and heard about it.  Not to mention the health risks from being exposed to radiation each time you go through one of the full body scans.

I do have the right to refuse the scan but then I will be thoroughly patted down at the gate.  I hear it is very detailed, this pat down.  They are touching your breasts, crotch and butt.  Nice huh?

Not only to I pay my doc to feel me up but I an now paying the airport to go to third base.

Yes, I fully understand this is to make flying safer for us but, really, how far do we have to go?  I heard that the full body scan is so detailed that it can pick up a tampon, in your body.  Is that really necessary??  I find it an invasion of my privacy.

So, tomorrow when I travel I'm not sure which way I will go.  I'll let you know.


Monica said…
Just remember thegoverment is the only ones that have permission to groap us...lol