The dreaded email finally came.....

"A child at our school has been cited with head lice."

Now I cannot stop itching!!!  I'm itching all over!!  My head.  My neck.  My arms.  My face.  My legs.  My arms.  I cannot stop the itching!!!!!!!!!!!

I've checked Lil O and she's lice free.  For now.  Cringe.  I want to crawl in a corner and get in the fetal position and cry for my mommy.  I haven't had to deal with head lice since B was in Elementary School.  Sigh.......

Shaking head.

I guess I knew it might happen this year.  I had kept it in the back of my mind hoping I'd never have to think about it.

I will have to go take a hot bath and wash something to stop all this itching....damn head lice.

OH, the JOYS of PARENTHOOD!!!!!!!!!!


ay yi yi.
That is too after reading this post, I'm itchy.
The joys of parenthood..*sigh*
Good luck with everything.
Hope your kids don't have it.
Julie said…
We had a terrible time with lice a few years back. Thing is, the school nurse would not send notes home to the parents! UGH! My daughter got it and we'd get rid of them then she'd have them again and I KNOW it was because they weren't making all the kids in her class get rid of them!

If you ever do get them we found a great way to get rid of them. We mixed Avon's Skin So Soft lotion with Palmolive dish washing liquid and washed her hair in it. We'd pick out all the bugs we could see then continue washing her hair in the mixture every day for about a week. That is finally got rid of them for good!!!!!
Mrs Furious said…
As you know... um... we're experienced. In fact they had it in Kid's room this year too. With her hair (and O's) you need to be super proactive and keep it in a french braid every day until the school is lice free. There will usually be a secondary outbreak in 2 weeks when the next round of eggs hatch... that's when Kid got it. So keep checking, especially a week or two AFTER the first case. Also make sure they are not sharing coat hooks! At school last year that had to switch to kids using every other hook to be sure that hoods, etc didn't touch. And make sure the school knows that the sandbox needs to be closed until they are lice free... also a spreader.
Good luck!!!
EazilyAmuzed said…
Ohhh this posting makes me itch!!!
TJ said…
Maybe, if your lucky, the lice outbreak won't hit your house until you are airborne on your way to stardom. Superdad can handle it; right?
Supermom said…
I cannot stop itching!!!! ALL OVER!!!!!! UGH!!!

When I managed the drug store and saw someone buying the lice product I would freak out and wash the front counter with alcohol.