Aspen is the most beautiful place!!!!

I arrived in Aspen today a little after 3 pm I think.  Maybe 4.  I just don't remember.  It is so beautiful here!!  Just breathtaking.  I cannot believe I am still doing this.  I have been given this amazing opportunity with Vaseline and it is just the most wonderful thing.

Right now I'm sitting in my comfy bed wearing a bathrobe that was hanging up for me with a fire going in the fireplace at the end of my bed.  I can look out my windows and see the town twinkling with little lights.  I know that in the morning when I look outside I will be surrounded with snow covered mountains.

Just BREATHTAKING I tell you.

We are staying at the Limelight Lodge so go look it up.  It's is awesome.  Today was a "get ready for tomorrow" day.  We were fitted for hitting the slopes in the morning.  We have an instructor giving us private lessons in the morning as well.  I'm too excited.

I'm totally drained with the time change so I will bid you a good night and post pictures.

My bedroom.

With a fireplace.

The view from my balcony.

The lobby.  We are getting ready for tomorrow.

The Dry Skin Patrol.

The view from my room at night.

To be continued after I have some sleep.

**I have been compensated by Unilever for my time to travel on the Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol Tour.  
However, the opinions expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.**


Monica said…
You will regret coming home a day early. Aspen looks amazing!! Momma told me yesterday she wished I was well enough to go with you. Well duh!! I wish I was well enough to go with you.

Personal assistant here hello!!!! J/k
Supermom said…
You can be my personal assistant any time!!!