Where did that come from? That was so out of the blue.

I've always thought it important to let my kids make their own decisions about their body.  Even when it comes to ear piercing.  I never took it upon myself to have their ears pierced when they was babies.  I thought it rather cruel but that is only my opinion.

This morning Lil O told me she wants her ears pierced.  Yes, just out of the blue it happened.  I was thinking "What happened to my daughter?".  My shy timid five year old daughter wants her ears pierced.

So, after school I am going to take her to get her ears pierced.  I'm so proud of her for wanting to do this.  It makes me realize that she is growing up into a lovely young lady.  She was all excited and said, "I cannot wait to tell my friends I'm getting my ears pierced!"

WOW, I never saw this coming.


Monica said…
I just got home waiting to see how the ear rings look...