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Week in Review.

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you.

I thought I would do a Week in Review.  It just hit me while taking my bath.  Sorry the sun kept messing with the camera.

I talk about my Vaseline Commercial on the web and how fun it was to make.

Baby M TOTALLY HOGS THE CAMERA and I cannot get a word in.

I'm getting a hysterectomy.  Yeah, November 1.

Kids doing great.   Lil O gets her ears pierced and has started to love school.

We had a death in the family.  Makes me sad.

Crocheting those granny squares thanks to Renee.

I'm letting my hair grow.  Can you tell????

I hope you have a great weekend Supermom Fans!!!

1 comment:

One Cluttered Brain said...

I loved your vaseline commercial!
It was simply SWEET!
I would be so proud of that if I were you.
That lotion is really THE BEST lotion hands down IMO...