Vaseline Intensive Rescue Lotion and Michelle Lee (that's me) work together.

I was able to be included in the most amazing experience since I've been the Supermom of The Adventures of Supermom.  I am finally able to blog about it!!!  Whew!!  I've been chomping at the bit to blog about all of this but was unable to.


I was contacted about reviewing a Vaseline product in May, I believe,and then tell about how it changed my life.  Boy, did it ever change my life.  I've always been a sufferer of dry skin.  I've tried so many different lotions and still have dry skin.  I have requirements when it comes to a lotion.  It needs to be light feeling, I cannot stand feeling like I have a sticky glaze all over me.  It must be unscented because I never know when a scent will trigger a migraine.  So, with those two requirements I still hadn't found a lotion that works for me.

UNTIL Vaseline sent me their Intensive Rescue Lotion to review!  O. M. G.  It was instant LOVE!  Unlike other lotions I have tried I was able to apply after my bath and not worry about my skin being dry by afternoon.  AWESOME!!!!  It was light and didn't have a scent!  I was in lotion heaven.

So, of course I was so happy and told them all of this in my review.

They contacted me in June about having a phone conversation to talk about my testimonial.  I didn't think anything about it because I figured they just wanted to go over the results.  Our conversation had to be put on hold because that was when I wasn't feeling well, went through a physical and then ended up with kidney stones.  REMEMBER when I went through all of that?????

We ended up talking on the phone on July 6.  They asked if I'd like to be a part of working on a webfilm about the product.  Well, DUH!!!  Of course I did!!!!

My testimonial was 150% true and why wouldn't I want to tell everyone how the lotion had made me change about how I feel about my skin.

Things moved rather quickly at this point.  Next thing I knew, five days later, I was talking to a Director from Los Angeles, California in my dining room.  It was a amazing experience.  I just tried to suck it all in and have the best time of my life.  That is exactly what I walked away with as well!

So, that Sunday the Director and the Producer were in my dining room drinking ice tea talking about my testimonial and going over the plan for the next couple of days.   (Remember that beautiful picture I posted of the lilies?  They were from them.)

Beautiful Flowers

I was so excited I couldn't stop smiling I am sure.  They were so friendly and polite and made me feel so at ease!!!

It did feel like I was dreaming.

So, Monday morning they come over again to take pictures of the house and have me try on clothes to be filmed in.  It was funny watching the Producer go through my tiny closet of t-shirts and capri's to find me something to wear.  If she would have requested PJ's I would have been completely covered.  HA HA!!!

Tuesday morning, bright and early, people start to show up.  They were rearranging furniture and setting up for the shoot.  They sent Superdad and the kids out for breakfast because it had to be totally quiet for the interview part of the webfilm.  I HAD MY OWN MAKE-UP ARTIST show up!!!!  Seriously, I had someone come to my home to fix my make-up and hair.  She was wonderful.  She helped me change clothes and made me look beautiful.

Everyone that was here on Tuesday was amazing.  Everyone took time to play with the kids and help watch over them.  I say everyone as in the Director, Producer, two ad guys from New York, three camera guys and make-up artist.

I won't go into detail about filming because TODAY you can see for yourself the end product!!!!!!

Without further ado, here is my Vaseline Intensive Rescue webfilm.


Mary Jane said…
Yippie, I finally get to see it! Beautiful, just wonderful, makes me want to buy their product! It's really cool seeing your house, the yard and the lake! I can tell people, "I've been there before!" I'm so excited for you!
Kelly said…
What fun! You look beautiful!
Anna said…
I am totally crying about a lotion commercial! I see why a certain someone is in love with you.
HeartMommy said…
You are amazing and gorgeous and it is fun to see you in action with your kids!
I love that they chose you, because you are such a bright light in the world.
HeartMommy extraordinarre!! Each of your four kids are so especially fortunate to have you as their Mom and SuperDad is one lucky man too.
We are all better for knowing you.
Jenn9474 said…
Absolutely Fantastic!! Love it Love it Love it!!! You are gorgeous! Great Job!!