I'm going on Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol!

I've got some amazing news to share!!!!

Remember when I blogged about my Vaseline Commercial?

Want to see my commercial again?  Of course you so.  (gentle smile)  I'm allowed bragging rights because this was such an amazing experience for me.

Pretty cool huh?

To add to all the excitement I've been asked to go on the Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol Tour!!!!  Supermom is hitting the road to tell everyone about Vaseline Intensive Rescue lotion.  Totally cool, huh?

Vaseline is hitting the road with the Dry Skin Patrol - an intrepid group of women who suffer from dry skin.  We're putting ourselves - and our skin - through the most extreme weather torture tests across the country this winter.

I get to travel to four awesome places that I've never been to and do things that I've never done before.

First, I will travel to Philadelphia, PA for the Philadelphia Marathon.   Have you seen me run?  No, you haven't.  It's not pretty.  Think back to Elaine on Seinfeld dancing.  Wasn't pretty was it?  So, I will be walking fast at the Philadelphia Marathon.  Walking very fast.  Thankfully it's all for an amazing cause.  I get to share how Vaseline rescued my skin.

Second, I will be traveling to Aspen, CO for Winternational.  This is where I am embarrassed.  I live in the mountains yet I've never been on skis.  No laughing.  It's true.  I never went on those ski trips offered at school.  I rather enjoyed walking without a cast so to speak.  My, oh my, how things change.  Vaseline is getting me on skis.  I cannot complain because I will be in Aspen.  Seriously, need I say more?

Third, I will be traveling to Coney Island, NY for the Polar Bear Plunge.  I was always fascinated by those people jumping in the freezing water for FUN!!!!  I admit I thought they were a bit off to be doing it but who am I to judge because it looks like I will be one of them now.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  I'm doing the Polar Bear Plunge.  Icy water here I come.  Hmmm, wonder what I will wear for that one?

Lastly, I will be traveling to Duluth, MN for the Beargrease Sleddog Marathon.  We get to learn the ropes of dog sleding and show off before the race starts.  I'm not really sure what to say about this event other than I am looking forward to it.

All these extreme cold weather activities will show everyone how awesome Vaseline Intensive Rescue lotion is.  I will be blogging,  Tweeting and updating Facebook while on the road.  It's like you'll be right there with me BUT you'll be warm in your cozy house.

Okay, I'm off to start making my packing list.  So much to do in so little time.  Thank you Vaseline Intensive Rescue for this AMAZING opportunity.  Be sure to check out Dry Skin Patrol.

**I have been compensated by Unilever for making this statement.  However, the opinions 
expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.**


Congrats! Your vaseline commercial was AWESOME! You and your skin are beautiful! Have a GREAT TIME!
Snookinforluv said…
Have fun on your trips.
Mellownout said…
Like the commercial. Where was Superdad?
Supermom said…

Superdad ended up on the cutting room floor as he says. You do see his toothbrush at the end though.

sisterwife3 said…
Will there be more videos in your future?
Edwardrulesthenight said…
Love your hair! Short pixie is your look!
Supermom said…
Sister ~ I will be doing videos on the tour that will be posted places. I will post it on the blog when I know the website. I do videos on my blog about once a month.

Edward ~ Thanks. Now you tell me!! I'm letting it grow. ha ha..
Jacobisjustascool said…
I agree w/ Edward- you're so lucky you can wear your hair that short. Sexy and low maintenance-what's not to love?
Kate+8 said…
Any chance you'll do a reality show on TLC?
Supermom said…
Nahh, I'm too boring for a reality show. :)