Two weeks and one more period.

Two weeks and counting until my hysterectomy.  I'm slowly preparing for it.  Getting kids taken care of since I will not be able to drive.  Working on meals.  Asking for help during the day while Superdad is at work.  I even have help cleaning the house once a week thanks to my awesome baby sis.

My Mamaw called over the weekend to tell me she was going to take me shopping for a robe and slippers for my hospital stay.  Isn't she the greatest!?!?!?  Then she said something funny.

"Then your oven won't bake bread anymore."

I thought that was hysterical.  Leave it to my Mamaw to say something so funny about having a hysterectomy.

I think I am doing better with not being sad over anymore babies.  I have been focusing on the good things like NO MORE PERIODS, not having to worry about birth control and NOT HAVING ANYMORE PERIODS!!!  Know what I mean?

I have heard so many women just tell how wonderful it was after their hysterectomy.  How they felt health wise and the freedom it gave them.  I'm sure I will be one of those women after I recover and not have another period.  Ha ha!

It also helps that Baby M is going through the terrible two's and Lil O is going through the terrible five's. Makes me want to do the hysterectomy myself.  Not really, but you get my drift.


Grandmas are like that. It is a life changing event for sure but you are in the right place and you have accepted it. Good for you. Hopefully, your recovery is quick one so sending healing thoughts your way.
Mrs Furious said…
"Makes me want to do the hysterectomy myself."
I almost wet my pants, Michelle!
Anonymous said…
Thanks for good stuff
Supermom said…
LOL Mrs F. I'm sure you know exactly how I feel.