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No one wants to die in the forest!! Kids have a way with words.

Three weeks and one more period.

Today marks three weeks until my hysterectomy.  Yes, I am counting.  I am ready for this and ready for this to be over.  I am ready to start re-cooperating.  I did realize that I will have one more period before my hysterectomy.  One more period.  That sort of seals the deal.

No more periods, sign me up!!!!!

Don't hate me just yet because remember I do have THREE daughters!!!!!!!!!  There will be plenty of periods going on around here!!!

Twitch twitch...

Kind of sucks the joy out of not having anymore periods for me.

Oh, well....

Yesterday was 10-10-10 10:10 twice.  Pretty cool huh?  I thought so.  Time is just flying.  I've noticed that as I get older time just goes by so fast.  It's scary to think that one day I will die and not be here anymore.  I guess as the people I've known the longest die, like my great uncle last week, I realize that I am becoming the older person in the family and my time will be here before I know it.

I no longer have anymore great uncles.  Uncle Don was the last one for me.  Sigh....

Anyway, today I have parent teacher conference for Lil O about her progress in K.  Then tonight we have family visitation at the funeral home.  I think to cheer me up I will watch Sister Wives from last night.  I always have to watch it on Monday because Sunday is Mad Men night at our house.

I heart Sister Wives (real life Big Love)!!!!!!!!  I will blog about that another time.


Grace Matthews said…
The hysterectomy doesn't sound that fun, but I say Party!!! to no more periods. I do not envy you or your husband when the girls start their's. Ususally when women are close like that they ovulate together.

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No one wants to die in the forest!! Kids have a way with words.

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