Supermom is a Twilight Groupie.

Saturday - I read Twilight, in one day.

Sunday - I read New Moon, in one day.

Monday - I read Eclipse, in one day...   I was up until 3am this morning finishing it.

If you've seen these book then you know they are rather large.  Anyway, last night I watched Twilight.  It was good.  Not as good as the book but good.  Know what I mean?

I need to find the fourth book like today.  I also want to watch the second and third movie.

This is just crazy!!!

Whatever.  Shrug.

Today, I'm getting my suitcase out to pack for my hospital stay.  I will have to take a suitcase instead of a small bag to fit that comfy robe that my Mamaw bought for me.  I guess I'm as ready as I will ever be.

Thanks for all the "have more babies" comments you have been leaving.  It's just not in my future.  Shrug.  Such is life.  Just think though I get to blog about losing my uterus and all the fun stuff I will be doing!!!!

(More details on that.  I promise.  It will be exciting for me and you.)

Okay, hanging head, I'm going to watch New Moon while I work on laundry.  I want to get a Team Edward t-shirt now.  HA HA!!  I wonder if Superdad will get me one for Christmas.  He could buy me my own set of books and movies.  I few posters for our bedroom.  Okay, that last one was pushing it.