Sister Wives

Yes, I am going there.  I have been biting my tongue for weeks about TLC's brand new show Sister Wives.  I get tired of hearing all the negative talk about this show.  Just so you know, Superdad doesn't agree with how I feel about this.  So, don't worry about us packing up and moving to Utah just yet.  I wouldn't mind being Sister Wife #5 with the Brown family though.  (said with a smile)

I became fascinated with polygamy when I started watching Big Love years ago.  I have even blogged about it a few times as well.  Big Love and Sister Love polygamy isn't polygamy compound living like what happened in 2008 in Texas with leader Warren Jeffs.  I see compound living as a cult following not to be confused with Sister Wives.  Young girls being given to old men to marry cannot be compared to consenting adults choosing to live the polygamy life.

It is night and day.

Okay, let me get down to what I believe.

It is not adultery for the Browns to be living together.  I see consenting adults that are choosing to live their lives with multiple moms taking care of the house.  When I watch Sister Wives I see a very loving family with respect for each other.  I see well adjusted kids that are totally loved by their moms and dad.  I see wonderful kids that will be in the world.  These kids are better adjusted than most of the kids our kids go to school with.

No, it wouldn't be the same for one woman to have multiple husbands.  Why in the hell would I want more than one man to pick up after, cook for, clean for, take care of when he's sick and why would I want to sexually please more than one man??  Seriously, it wouldn't work to have multiple husbands.   Some people say well what's the difference.  Trust me, there is.

There's plenty of love to go around.  I would have no problem living a polygamy life.  If there was another woman, or even two women, that loved Superdad like I do, why wouldn't I want him to have that love???  I agree when they say,

"Love should be multiplied and not divided."

It all goes back to consenting adults living their life the way they choose to live it.

Just think of all the love in the Brown house.  It gets me all teary eyed to see them stand up against the world showing everyone how they live every day.  I think they are a wonderful family!!!

Then you will hear people bring the Bible and church in trying to debate.  There are several places in the Bible where one man has more than one wife.  Just Google it.  Or click here, here, here, or here.  I could go on and on and on.  Note:  I didn't read all the sights I posted above I just Googled "Polygamy in the Bible".

Perhaps it is my personality that would allow me to be in a polygamy relationship.  I am secure with who I am as a woman and mother.  I am not a jealous woman.  I am secure with my relationship with Superdad.   Again I say, if there were other women that love Superdad like I do then why would I deny him that???

In my personal opinion I know polygamy just wouldn't work with everyone, for some reason or another.

I just know that instead of criticizing this loving wonderful family that is raising wonderful well adjusted kids that we should try to learn from them.  The love that they give everyone in the house.  The respect they have for each other.  Then remember that they are consenting adults choosing to live their life the way they see fit.  They aren't like compound living you see portrayed in Big Love or the real case in Texas.

Sigh, so there you have it.  I HEART SISTER WIVES.


Bobbie said…
Nice to know someone shares my oinion! Just cant find another person I would approve of yet, other than you,lol... But you are obviously taken, hahaha!!!
Katie said…
I (almost) totally agree! Although I'm way too selfish to allow my husband another wife (there is my only difference LoL), I also love this show & feel the Browns have every right to live this way as "consenting" adults. Those cult situations are of course a whole other ballgame.
Monica said…
I'm the one you were having the conversation with debating remember... Nice though you just gave superdad permission to
Kelly said…
LOVE that show, and I think people are too judgemental as well. I think it would be nice to have sister wives if the situation was as good as the one they have on the show. Then, we could have more little babies in the house without me having them, I would have the comraderie and the help with cleaning. I also agree with the fact that brother husbands wouldnt work or be nearly as fun! Glad to know someone else feels this way!
Anna said…
I agree that consenting adults should be able to choose how they live their lives. As long as everyone is onboard, I don't see why they can't do as they please. I also believe that gay people have the right to get married. I differ with Supermom on the polyandry question, however. I knew a woman who had a simultaneous relationship with two men. It worked really well for them. The bottom line is that the government really shouldn't have any say in the personal lives of adults so long as no one is being harmed. The kids involved are not being harmed, they just grow up with a different view of the world. It's not up to us to judge how others live their lives.
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