She works hard for her money.

I never saw this coming.  I'm surprised that she was able to find a job since she is constantly sucking my boob but obviously I was wrong.

Tonight Superdad and I were watching TV.  Baby M brings in the musical piano to dance.  She starts her music and tells her daddy to watch her dance.  She's got the moves.  We are laughing.  She's dancing.  Then we see her put her hand in her pants and pull out a dollar bill.

I KID YOU NOT!!!!!!!

She pulls a dollar bill out of her pants.

Priceless!!!!  So, of course I had to blog about it.

So, Baby M is working on the side.  Lil O is progressing well too in the school area.

She was having a hard time getting back into the swing of things after we came back from vacation.  It was really sad and hard on all of us.  Yesterday, we had our parent teacher conference with her teacher.  We were glad to all be on the same page.  Lil O is actually happy and excited about going to school now.  She doesn't argue or cry in the morning because she doesn't want to go.  She was even super dooper excited to go back to school and show off her earrings.

I'm so proud of my baby girl.  Today she brought home her finished workbook from school.  She went through it with us explaining what she did on each page. thing she will be picking out her prom dress.


LOL!!!!! I keep telling you she's MY child damn it! ;)
YAY for Lil O!
Kelly said…
" thing she will be picking out her prom dress." *sigh* It is so true!!