Next time I will do things differently.

This morning Lil O was back to her "I don't want to go to school" routine.  She wouldn't even put on her school clothes to go to school.  She told us that she would miss mommy too much to go to school.  I wasn't going to make her go to school because I just wasn't.  We are very proud of her progress in school so I think allowing her to stay home with us would be what was best for her.

I am so thankful she isn't in a public school with attendance rules.  That is a big advantage of going to the Montessori School.  Things are just very different there.  A very good different.

So, anyway, I've decided that next time she pulls this I will just take her to school in her pj's.  I bet it would be the last time she refuses to get her clothes on.  What do you think?

It's Friday finally.  A beautiful Fall Friday in fact.  The leaves here in Asheville are pretty shades of red and yellow.  I love Fall in the mountains.  It is amazing.  Then the crispness in the air beckons you to wear your comfiest sweater to stay warm.  Sigh.........  Fall........  Love.

The oldest kids, H and Big B, are heading to a Fall Retreat with church this weekend.  I know they will have a wonderful time fellowshipping with their friends.  It brings them together as a whole and it's a very powerful experience.  They will have lots to share when they come back home on Sunday.

Since Lil O played hookie today I've got her and Baby M on the couch watching Jungle Book so I can blog for a moment.  I'm counting down the days until my hysterectomy.  10 days.  Unless I change my mind.  There is always that possibility.

I think I will go crochet something...


Laurel said…
Only change your mind if it won't cause you discomfort, as for the school thing, you did good, some day she'll HAVE to show up when she doesnt really want to, at least this will be a memory she can go back to when she does.
Anonymous said…
Change your mind! I hear the pitter patter of more little super feet in your future. Besides, you must have an entire blog dedicated to your last pregnancy and birth. Think of your public ;)