I'm A D D I C T E D .

I'm sure you already know I have a love affair with cotton yarn.  LOVE IT!!!!  LOVE IT A LOT!!!!  I blame it on my mamaw and great aunt.  I grew up watching them crochet all these beautiful things!!  My mamaw is the one that taught me to crochet long long ago.

I find crocheting to be therapeutic.  It relaxes me.  It allows me to be creative when I make all these cute things.  I can whip something up on my own or I can read instructions to make all sorts of things.  I can crochet on the couch.  I can crochet in bed.  I can crochet in the car waiting at school.  I can crochet on a road trip.  I have even crocheted during a power outage.  HA HA!!

What can I say?  I love cotton yarn and crocheting.

Saturday my friend Renee came over and showed me how to Granny Square.  I'm addicted with these magnificent squares of cotton yarn!

I made one.

Then two more.

Then three more.

Then a BUNCH more.

Aren't the just awesome?!?!?

Since Lil I likes them so much I thought I would piece then all together and make her a poncho.  (Renee mentioned it and it has stuck with me.)

I will have to make several more, which will be awesome because I love crocheting them, then I will surprise Lil O with the poncho.

Since you know my addiction why don't you share one of yours.