I love my Mamaw.

This morning I was able to hang out with my Mamaw.  She wanted to take me shopping for a comfy fuzzy robe and slippers for my hospital stay.  Because that is what grandmothers do, worry about their baby in a cold hospital with no robe or slippers when being forced to walk down the halls after having her oven stripped from her body.

Remember she told me after my surgery that "Your oven won't bake bread anymore."

Being with my mamaw this morning made me realize how blessed that I am she is in my life.  She really is my hero.  She has taken care of me all of my life.

I have all these fond memories with her.

Washing my hair when I was little, rubbing my back and playing with my hair when I was sick, holding my hand, traveling to Canada, going to the beach, MY FIRST DISNEY TRIP, and even allowing me to drive her brand new car on my learners permit.

She always did her best with teaching me right from wrong.  I hate to type this out about my life but my childhood had a few rough spots, SEVERAL rough spots.  My mom married an alcoholic when I was younger.  I can remember trying to find him at bars in the middle of the night.  I can remember him hitting me with a belt.  I can remember him being mean to my mom.  I can remember being afraid of him.  One day I left after he had hit me with a belt I just couldn't do it anymore.  I left to the seclusion of my Mamaw's house.  They never knew what was going on at my Mom's house because I never told them until then.

My Mamaw, Papaw and Daddy were devastated when I told them everything.  They were heartbroken that I had been dealing with that.  I told them not to blame themselves because they didn't know.  How could they?  I never told them.

So after that last incident, I never went back to my Mom's house to live.  I didn't have to be afraid anymore.  I didn't have to worry about when we'd be looking for him in the middle of the night so mom could let the air out of his tires so he couldn't drive drunk home.

For a long time, and perhaps even now, I have all these negative feelings when it comes to my mom.  I confronted her once after having Lil O.  How could she let him to that to me and treat us that way.  She said to think about how she felt during all of that.  She's right.  She did the best she could at that point I suppose.

So, anyway in a sense my Mamaw saved me.  I love her with more love than I can explain.  She loves me too, like the daughter she never had.  She only had two sons so she treats me like her daughter.  I love her as if she was my mom.

So anyway, I am so blessed to have my Mamaw.

Lil O, H and Mamaw

This was taken back in June when my Mamaw turned 80.  To me she is the most beautiful woman in the world.  I will always have so many wonderful memories of her and I am very thankful that all four of my kids have wonderful memories of her.

Family Vacation

My Mamaw holding Lil O on one of our many vacations.

Great Wolf Lodge Concord, NC

Here's Mamaw with one of her sisters.  That is great aunt K.  This was taken over the summer at another vacation.  Mamaw and great aunt K are also going with us to places.  We love it.

I just wanted to blog about my Mamaw because I love her and she loves me.


Kelly said…
My Mammaw and Pappaw are no longer with us. I miss them so.
Kelly said…
Oops. I meant to say that this was a lovely tribute to your Mamaw. She's beautiful.
Anthony said…
Thanks for being so honest . That was very personal it takes a lot of courage to blog about the intimate details of ones life. Keep up the good work :)
Laurel said…
{{{Supermom & MawMaw}}}
Supermom said…
Thanks. I do love my Mamaw.