My hysterectomy was planned a couple of days ago and I just haven't blogged about it.  I had hoped to take care of my ickiness a lot sooner but I will be patient and wait four weeks.  November 1 is the date unless there is a cancellation then I may be next in line.

I'm just worried about recovering because I have some Supermom things going on that I cannot talk about yet and I have to be well rested and recovered before I can jump on board for lots of exciting fun.  Trust me, you will know as soon as I can tell you.

Now, back to my hysterectomy.  I'm surprised that I'm not sad about losing this valuable body part of mine.  I guess it's served its purpose at this point in my life so I'm not to stressed about it.  If it weren't making me feel so bad I'd keep it and then be depressed that Superdad wouldn't let me have any more children so maybe it's a good thing that I won't have to worry about that now.  HA HA!!  Sorry Superdad but you know as much as I do that I'd be begging for another baby if I had a uterus and was able to carry a baby.

I'd have a couple more if we like won the lottery or inherited BIG!!!

I am doing what I told I was going to do though and that is do more things that I want to do.  I'll have you know that Monday was the first day in 2 1/2 weeks that I vacuumed the house.  If you know what an OCD freak I am then you'd be amazed at reading that.  Yes, 2 1/2 weeks.  Just ask Superdad.

I've been crocheting more too.  I love crocheting.  I've made some cute things.  A pear with a worn.  A pear with a snail.  Also an octopus.

Crochet Octopus

Even an egg.

Crochet Egg

With a surprise.

Crochet Egg

So, what came first.  The chicken or the egg?

Crochet Egg

Or maybe the octopus came first.

Crochet Octopus and Egg

Right now I am crocheting myself a scarf.  I hope to finish it tonight then Lil O and Baby M want me to make them one to match!  I'm totally ON IT!!!!!