The Cardboard Cookie Goes To.....

Ever since Bryan brought over the laptop I was getting a secret thrill of stealing "borrowing" a neighbors wireless the short time I would use the Internet on the laptop while sitting on the couch.


Yesterday we had some crazy wind and lost power, cable TV and Internet.  Eventually everything came back on but the Internet. 

I booted up the laptop this morning to see if I could "borrow" someones wireless to check my mail and blog.  The option that I had been using was no longer listed in the list.  Then it hit me.  SMACK. 

The wireless that I was getting a thrill using belonged to us.  Turns out our router is also wireless.   You'd think Superdad would have remember buying a wireless router.  I'm just sayin'.

BUMMER!!!  The sneaking around is over.  Sniff.  Sniff.  The thrill is gone.

So, Superdad replaced the modem to get us back up and running.  Sadly the router is fried too.  So, now I have no wireless until he buys a new one.  He just bought a brand new surge protector and they guarantee it works.  IT DOESN'T!!!  The outage yesterday killed our modem and router. 

I proudly accept this award!!!!  May I never "borrow" someones Internet again.