About that hysterectomy I've been blogging about.

First before I get cheers from anonymous fans, no I haven't changed my mind.  I'm still getting my hysterectomy.  Just three months from now.  Insert heavy sigh here.

I've got some exciting things going on pertaining to my Vaseline commercial and I cannot technically blog about them right now, I don't think.  I've been asking for permission and haven't gotten a response just yet.   So, we wait, well you have to wait.  Sorry about that.

Today, I had my pre-op with my amazing fabulous doctor.  It felt like a therapy session between all three of us.  I guess making sure the hysterectomy was what I wanted and such.  Superdad talked about his feelings and I talked about mine.  Doctor P was very encouraging and helped us see a few things better.  Then my "future plans" came into the conversation.  I told her about them.  You should have seen the look on her face.  Sniff.  Then she basically said I'd have to wait for my hysterectomy with the things coming up in my life.  She didn't want me traveling three short weeks after my hysterectomy.  Soooooo, my hysterectomy has been rescheduled for after my last travel date.

So, grrrr, looks like I have three more periods to endure!!  GREAT!!!!

I'm not mad or sad.  Disappointed is more like it.  I had everything planned out like kids and food.  People had changed their schedule just for me so they could take care of me and babysit.  I had to call everyone and tell about the change of plans.  In all honesty they were glad because they too had worried about me traveling after my surgery.

I like my doctor.  I feel like I could totally hang with her outside of the office.  Of course I'd have to forget that she has felt me up and seen my girly parts....  If we do bond outside of the practice I could always change docs.  HA HA!!!  Reason for change:  I like hanging out with my doc but not knowing she does my yearly.  Wonder if they have an option for that on the paperwork?

I bet you thought this was going to be a post not mentioning Twilight and Edward.  Well, you were wrong.

I started Breaking Dawn yesterday.  (spoiler alert if you haven't read the book.)

The wedding was perfect, how I imagined it anyway. Dreamy. Every girls dream. The honeymoon was even perfect. The hot beach against his coldness. Dreamy sigh. I'm to the point where Bella tried drinking the blood to calm down the "baby" growing in her.

I will admit that I am so glad I read the books before even watching the movies.  I wouldn't have been interested totally relying on the movies.  The books are so much better.  My imagination goes wild just reading.  The movies just cannot compare.  When is the fourth movie coming out anyway???  I hate to admit that I will be buying advance tickets to the midnight showing.  Sitting right between Anna and Hormonal Teenager.

Do I really need to say more?


Anonymous said…
So, maybe you'll get a dog?
Supermom said…
I doubt it. HA HA!
Anna said…
Yeah, Edward is pretty, but Jacob looks so good with his shirt off!