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I'm going on Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol!

I've got some amazing news to share!!!!

Remember when I blogged about my Vaseline Commercial?

Want to see my commercial again?  Of course you so.  (gentle smile)  I'm allowed bragging rights because this was such an amazing experience for me.

Pretty cool huh?

To add to all the excitement I've been asked to go on the Vaseline Dry Skin Patrol Tour!!!!  Supermom is hitting the road to tell everyone about Vaseline Intensive Rescue lotion.  Totally cool, huh?

Vaseline is hitting the road with the Dry Skin Patrol - an intrepid group of women who suffer from dry skin.  We're putting ourselves - and our skin - through the most extreme weather torture tests across the country this winter.

I get to travel to four awesome places that I've never been to and do things that I've never done before.

First, I will travel to Philadelphia, PA for the Philadelphia Marathon.   Have you seen me run?  No, you haven't.  It's not pretty.  Think back to Elaine on Seinfeld dancing.  Wasn't pretty was it?  So, I will be walking fast at the Philadelphia Marathon.  Walking very fast.  Thankfully it's all for an amazing cause.  I get to share how Vaseline rescued my skin.

Second, I will be traveling to Aspen, CO for Winternational.  This is where I am embarrassed.  I live in the mountains yet I've never been on skis.  No laughing.  It's true.  I never went on those ski trips offered at school.  I rather enjoyed walking without a cast so to speak.  My, oh my, how things change.  Vaseline is getting me on skis.  I cannot complain because I will be in Aspen.  Seriously, need I say more?

Third, I will be traveling to Coney Island, NY for the Polar Bear Plunge.  I was always fascinated by those people jumping in the freezing water for FUN!!!!  I admit I thought they were a bit off to be doing it but who am I to judge because it looks like I will be one of them now.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  I'm doing the Polar Bear Plunge.  Icy water here I come.  Hmmm, wonder what I will wear for that one?

Lastly, I will be traveling to Duluth, MN for the Beargrease Sleddog Marathon.  We get to learn the ropes of dog sleding and show off before the race starts.  I'm not really sure what to say about this event other than I am looking forward to it.

All these extreme cold weather activities will show everyone how awesome Vaseline Intensive Rescue lotion is.  I will be blogging,  Tweeting and updating Facebook while on the road.  It's like you'll be right there with me BUT you'll be warm in your cozy house.

Okay, I'm off to start making my packing list.  So much to do in so little time.  Thank you Vaseline Intensive Rescue for this AMAZING opportunity.  Be sure to check out Dry Skin Patrol.

**I have been compensated by Unilever for making this statement.  However, the opinions 
expressed belong entirely to me, Michelle Lee.**

About that hysterectomy I've been blogging about.

First before I get cheers from anonymous fans, no I haven't changed my mind.  I'm still getting my hysterectomy.  Just three months from now.  Insert heavy sigh here.

I've got some exciting things going on pertaining to my Vaseline commercial and I cannot technically blog about them right now, I don't think.  I've been asking for permission and haven't gotten a response just yet.   So, we wait, well you have to wait.  Sorry about that.

Today, I had my pre-op with my amazing fabulous doctor.  It felt like a therapy session between all three of us.  I guess making sure the hysterectomy was what I wanted and such.  Superdad talked about his feelings and I talked about mine.  Doctor P was very encouraging and helped us see a few things better.  Then my "future plans" came into the conversation.  I told her about them.  You should have seen the look on her face.  Sniff.  Then she basically said I'd have to wait for my hysterectomy with the things coming up in my life.  She didn't want me traveling three short weeks after my hysterectomy.  Soooooo, my hysterectomy has been rescheduled for after my last travel date.

So, grrrr, looks like I have three more periods to endure!!  GREAT!!!!

I'm not mad or sad.  Disappointed is more like it.  I had everything planned out like kids and food.  People had changed their schedule just for me so they could take care of me and babysit.  I had to call everyone and tell about the change of plans.  In all honesty they were glad because they too had worried about me traveling after my surgery.

I like my doctor.  I feel like I could totally hang with her outside of the office.  Of course I'd have to forget that she has felt me up and seen my girly parts....  If we do bond outside of the practice I could always change docs.  HA HA!!!  Reason for change:  I like hanging out with my doc but not knowing she does my yearly.  Wonder if they have an option for that on the paperwork?

I bet you thought this was going to be a post not mentioning Twilight and Edward.  Well, you were wrong.

I started Breaking Dawn yesterday.  (spoiler alert if you haven't read the book.)

The wedding was perfect, how I imagined it anyway. Dreamy. Every girls dream. The honeymoon was even perfect. The hot beach against his coldness. Dreamy sigh. I'm to the point where Bella tried drinking the blood to calm down the "baby" growing in her.

I will admit that I am so glad I read the books before even watching the movies.  I wouldn't have been interested totally relying on the movies.  The books are so much better.  My imagination goes wild just reading.  The movies just cannot compare.  When is the fourth movie coming out anyway???  I hate to admit that I will be buying advance tickets to the midnight showing.  Sitting right between Anna and Hormonal Teenager.

Do I really need to say more?

Supermom is a Twilight Groupie.

Saturday - I read Twilight, in one day.

Sunday - I read New Moon, in one day.

Monday - I read Eclipse, in one day...   I was up until 3am this morning finishing it.

If you've seen these book then you know they are rather large.  Anyway, last night I watched Twilight.  It was good.  Not as good as the book but good.  Know what I mean?

I need to find the fourth book like today.  I also want to watch the second and third movie.

This is just crazy!!!

Whatever.  Shrug.

Today, I'm getting my suitcase out to pack for my hospital stay.  I will have to take a suitcase instead of a small bag to fit that comfy robe that my Mamaw bought for me.  I guess I'm as ready as I will ever be.

Thanks for all the "have more babies" comments you have been leaving.  It's just not in my future.  Shrug.  Such is life.  Just think though I get to blog about losing my uterus and all the fun stuff I will be doing!!!!

(More details on that.  I promise.  It will be exciting for me and you.)

Okay, hanging head, I'm going to watch New Moon while I work on laundry.  I want to get a Team Edward t-shirt now.  HA HA!!  I wonder if Superdad will get me one for Christmas.  He could buy me my own set of books and movies.  I few posters for our bedroom.  Okay, that last one was pushing it.

One week.

Today marks exactly one week until my scheduled hysterectomy.  One whole week.

Not anything new to talk about on that subject.  I have pre-op Tuesday with hospital and I have pre-op Wednesday with my doctor.

I started and finished New Moon yesterday.  I read it in one day.  It's addicting.  You want to keep reading about Edward, Bella and Jacob.  Tonight I'm going to watch Twilight with Superdad.  Then tomorrow I hope to watch New Moon.  Then when I finish Eclipse I can watch the movie.

I'm such a Twilight groupie.  More like Edward groupie.  I HEART Edward.

That's all I got....

I couldn't put it down.

Really, I could not put Twilight down yesterday.  I started the book and finished the book on a Saturday.  One Saturday.  Yes, it was that good.  It was actually

A M A Z I N G ! ! !

When I wasn't reading the book I was thinking about the book, wishing I was reading the book.  I felt like it was "my kind of heroine".  Know what I mean?  Of course you do it you are a fan.

I even started New Moon last night before I went to bed.  I had hoped to dream of that icy man with the every changing eyes but I didn't.

I have too much on my plate to dream of Edward.  I am dreaming of babies and having more babies.

The other day I had the bright idea of putting off my hysterectomy for like 10 months, after we had another baby.  I was totally excited at the thought of talking to my doctor this week about being able to have another baby and such.  I was actually giddy.  Hoping.  I sort of settled on the idea and just knew that Superdad would be as excited as me about this new idea of mine.

He wasn't.  I scared the poor guy.  Really I did.  He does have valid points about not having anymore babies.

His age. He is 11 years old than me.  BIG DEAL said in a sarcastic tone while rolling my eyes.
My age.  If I were to get pregnant the risks of having a disabled child multiply a lot.  If you are a reader of this blog then you will remember the Downs scare we had with Baby M, not knowing until she was born if she had Downs.  Even if we started right now to get pregnant I would be 37 when another child was born.
Money.  He is in the construction field and we all know how that field has been the past couple of years. Non existent.

I go to my pre-op on Wednesday for my hysterectomy.  I just don't know where we will go from now.


I'm going to go absorb myself in New Moon and Edward.

Team Edward

(Hanging head in shame.)  I've been making fun of all the Twilight junkies for a year or so because my best friend Anna and my own daughter H are Twilight Junkies.  Sharing the books and going to MIDNIGHT premiers of the movie.

No, not me.  I just joked to them about not reading the books and I wasn't a part of THAT crowd.

Until today....

I started Twilight and haven't been able to put it down.  O. M. G.  Edward is so dreamy in the book.  I'm already in page 282 and I just started it this morning.  I just finished reading where he took her to his spot and she watched him in the sun for the first time.  I just read about their kiss.

Sigh....  I'm off to finish this book....

I'm so ashamed.

This is where I hang my head in disbelief.

I'm in bed... Reading... Twilight...

Sent from my BlackBerry.

Next time I will do things differently.

This morning Lil O was back to her "I don't want to go to school" routine.  She wouldn't even put on her school clothes to go to school.  She told us that she would miss mommy too much to go to school.  I wasn't going to make her go to school because I just wasn't.  We are very proud of her progress in school so I think allowing her to stay home with us would be what was best for her.

I am so thankful she isn't in a public school with attendance rules.  That is a big advantage of going to the Montessori School.  Things are just very different there.  A very good different.

So, anyway, I've decided that next time she pulls this I will just take her to school in her pj's.  I bet it would be the last time she refuses to get her clothes on.  What do you think?

It's Friday finally.  A beautiful Fall Friday in fact.  The leaves here in Asheville are pretty shades of red and yellow.  I love Fall in the mountains.  It is amazing.  Then the crispness in the air beckons you to wear your comfiest sweater to stay warm.  Sigh.........  Fall........  Love.

The oldest kids, H and Big B, are heading to a Fall Retreat with church this weekend.  I know they will have a wonderful time fellowshipping with their friends.  It brings them together as a whole and it's a very powerful experience.  They will have lots to share when they come back home on Sunday.

Since Lil O played hookie today I've got her and Baby M on the couch watching Jungle Book so I can blog for a moment.  I'm counting down the days until my hysterectomy.  10 days.  Unless I change my mind.  There is always that possibility.

I think I will go crochet something...

My last period.

This will be a womanly topic so men may choose not to go any further.  Totally up to you though.

I started my period yesterday.  My very last period before my scheduled hysterectomy.  I should be dancing around the house rejoicing.  I'm rather sad about it though.  I'm sad about it because the hysterectomy means I will never be pregnant again.  I had really thought I had come to terms with this.  I guess not.

Superdad and I both think about my hysterectomy and not having anymore babies together.  Seriously I think if Superdad said, "Let's have one more baby." I'd drag him to the bedroom and cancel that surgery.  Well, reschedule it 10 months from now.  (Something like that.)

I know that he will never say that and deep down I know I don't want to be pregnant again.  This whole situation is full of mixed emotions.  Like I know after having my hysterectomy I will have doubts about what I've done and have to mourn for my loss.  I also know that in time I will be totally okay with my decision.

Also with this period comes the pain, the back ache, lots of blood loss, taking iron every day and just feeling like crap.

So, I know that after the hysterectomy I will feel like a new person.

Just give me time...

I love my Mamaw.

This morning I was able to hang out with my Mamaw.  She wanted to take me shopping for a comfy fuzzy robe and slippers for my hospital stay.  Because that is what grandmothers do, worry about their baby in a cold hospital with no robe or slippers when being forced to walk down the halls after having her oven stripped from her body.

Remember she told me after my surgery that "Your oven won't bake bread anymore."

Being with my mamaw this morning made me realize how blessed that I am she is in my life.  She really is my hero.  She has taken care of me all of my life.

I have all these fond memories with her.

Washing my hair when I was little, rubbing my back and playing with my hair when I was sick, holding my hand, traveling to Canada, going to the beach, MY FIRST DISNEY TRIP, and even allowing me to drive her brand new car on my learners permit.

She always did her best with teaching me right from wrong.  I hate to type this out about my life but my childhood had a few rough spots, SEVERAL rough spots.  My mom married an alcoholic when I was younger.  I can remember trying to find him at bars in the middle of the night.  I can remember him hitting me with a belt.  I can remember him being mean to my mom.  I can remember being afraid of him.  One day I left after he had hit me with a belt I just couldn't do it anymore.  I left to the seclusion of my Mamaw's house.  They never knew what was going on at my Mom's house because I never told them until then.

My Mamaw, Papaw and Daddy were devastated when I told them everything.  They were heartbroken that I had been dealing with that.  I told them not to blame themselves because they didn't know.  How could they?  I never told them.

So after that last incident, I never went back to my Mom's house to live.  I didn't have to be afraid anymore.  I didn't have to worry about when we'd be looking for him in the middle of the night so mom could let the air out of his tires so he couldn't drive drunk home.

For a long time, and perhaps even now, I have all these negative feelings when it comes to my mom.  I confronted her once after having Lil O.  How could she let him to that to me and treat us that way.  She said to think about how she felt during all of that.  She's right.  She did the best she could at that point I suppose.

So, anyway in a sense my Mamaw saved me.  I love her with more love than I can explain.  She loves me too, like the daughter she never had.  She only had two sons so she treats me like her daughter.  I love her as if she was my mom.

So anyway, I am so blessed to have my Mamaw.

Lil O, H and Mamaw

This was taken back in June when my Mamaw turned 80.  To me she is the most beautiful woman in the world.  I will always have so many wonderful memories of her and I am very thankful that all four of my kids have wonderful memories of her.

Family Vacation

My Mamaw holding Lil O on one of our many vacations.

Great Wolf Lodge Concord, NC

Here's Mamaw with one of her sisters.  That is great aunt K.  This was taken over the summer at another vacation.  Mamaw and great aunt K are also going with us to places.  We love it.

I just wanted to blog about my Mamaw because I love her and she loves me.

Two weeks and one more period.

Two weeks and counting until my hysterectomy.  I'm slowly preparing for it.  Getting kids taken care of since I will not be able to drive.  Working on meals.  Asking for help during the day while Superdad is at work.  I even have help cleaning the house once a week thanks to my awesome baby sis.

My Mamaw called over the weekend to tell me she was going to take me shopping for a robe and slippers for my hospital stay.  Isn't she the greatest!?!?!?  Then she said something funny.

"Then your oven won't bake bread anymore."

I thought that was hysterical.  Leave it to my Mamaw to say something so funny about having a hysterectomy.

I think I am doing better with not being sad over anymore babies.  I have been focusing on the good things like NO MORE PERIODS, not having to worry about birth control and NOT HAVING ANYMORE PERIODS!!!  Know what I mean?

I have heard so many women just tell how wonderful it was after their hysterectomy.  How they felt health wise and the freedom it gave them.  I'm sure I will be one of those women after I recover and not have another period.  Ha ha!

It also helps that Baby M is going through the terrible two's and Lil O is going through the terrible five's. Makes me want to do the hysterectomy myself.  Not really, but you get my drift.

She puts up a good debate.

A little while ago Lil O was trying to talk Superdad into getting his ears pierced.  It was rather comical as I was sitting on the couch listening to the conversation.

She was telling him how pretty he'd look if he pierced his ears.  HA HA!!

He was trying to explain that dads don't pierce their ears, unless of course they are in a band.  He told her that he wanted to look manly.

She then told him he could get some horse earrings because that would be for boys.

I did a quick Google search to look for some manly horse earrings.

Yeah, that's not going to work.  Even if Superdad was in a band he couldn't pull those off.  Sorry Superdad but you know it's true.

Sister Wives

Yes, I am going there.  I have been biting my tongue for weeks about TLC's brand new show Sister Wives.  I get tired of hearing all the negative talk about this show.  Just so you know, Superdad doesn't agree with how I feel about this.  So, don't worry about us packing up and moving to Utah just yet.  I wouldn't mind being Sister Wife #5 with the Brown family though.  (said with a smile)

I became fascinated with polygamy when I started watching Big Love years ago.  I have even blogged about it a few times as well.  Big Love and Sister Love polygamy isn't polygamy compound living like what happened in 2008 in Texas with leader Warren Jeffs.  I see compound living as a cult following not to be confused with Sister Wives.  Young girls being given to old men to marry cannot be compared to consenting adults choosing to live the polygamy life.

It is night and day.

Okay, let me get down to what I believe.

It is not adultery for the Browns to be living together.  I see consenting adults that are choosing to live their lives with multiple moms taking care of the house.  When I watch Sister Wives I see a very loving family with respect for each other.  I see well adjusted kids that are totally loved by their moms and dad.  I see wonderful kids that will be in the world.  These kids are better adjusted than most of the kids our kids go to school with.

No, it wouldn't be the same for one woman to have multiple husbands.  Why in the hell would I want more than one man to pick up after, cook for, clean for, take care of when he's sick and why would I want to sexually please more than one man??  Seriously, it wouldn't work to have multiple husbands.   Some people say well what's the difference.  Trust me, there is.

There's plenty of love to go around.  I would have no problem living a polygamy life.  If there was another woman, or even two women, that loved Superdad like I do, why wouldn't I want him to have that love???  I agree when they say,

"Love should be multiplied and not divided."

It all goes back to consenting adults living their life the way they choose to live it.

Just think of all the love in the Brown house.  It gets me all teary eyed to see them stand up against the world showing everyone how they live every day.  I think they are a wonderful family!!!

Then you will hear people bring the Bible and church in trying to debate.  There are several places in the Bible where one man has more than one wife.  Just Google it.  Or click here, here, here, or here.  I could go on and on and on.  Note:  I didn't read all the sights I posted above I just Googled "Polygamy in the Bible".

Perhaps it is my personality that would allow me to be in a polygamy relationship.  I am secure with who I am as a woman and mother.  I am not a jealous woman.  I am secure with my relationship with Superdad.   Again I say, if there were other women that love Superdad like I do then why would I deny him that???

In my personal opinion I know polygamy just wouldn't work with everyone, for some reason or another.

I just know that instead of criticizing this loving wonderful family that is raising wonderful well adjusted kids that we should try to learn from them.  The love that they give everyone in the house.  The respect they have for each other.  Then remember that they are consenting adults choosing to live their life the way they see fit.  They aren't like compound living you see portrayed in Big Love or the real case in Texas.

Sigh, so there you have it.  I HEART SISTER WIVES.

Week in Review.

No, your eyes aren't playing tricks on you.

I thought I would do a Week in Review.  It just hit me while taking my bath.  Sorry the sun kept messing with the camera.

I talk about my Vaseline Commercial on the web and how fun it was to make.

Baby M TOTALLY HOGS THE CAMERA and I cannot get a word in.

I'm getting a hysterectomy.  Yeah, November 1.

Kids doing great.   Lil O gets her ears pierced and has started to love school.

We had a death in the family.  Makes me sad.

Crocheting those granny squares thanks to Renee.

I'm letting my hair grow.  Can you tell????

I hope you have a great weekend Supermom Fans!!!

I'm A D D I C T E D .

I'm sure you already know I have a love affair with cotton yarn.  LOVE IT!!!!  LOVE IT A LOT!!!!  I blame it on my mamaw and great aunt.  I grew up watching them crochet all these beautiful things!!  My mamaw is the one that taught me to crochet long long ago.

I find crocheting to be therapeutic.  It relaxes me.  It allows me to be creative when I make all these cute things.  I can whip something up on my own or I can read instructions to make all sorts of things.  I can crochet on the couch.  I can crochet in bed.  I can crochet in the car waiting at school.  I can crochet on a road trip.  I have even crocheted during a power outage.  HA HA!!

What can I say?  I love cotton yarn and crocheting.

Saturday my friend Renee came over and showed me how to Granny Square.  I'm addicted with these magnificent squares of cotton yarn!

I made one.

Then two more.

Then three more.

Then a BUNCH more.

Aren't the just awesome?!?!?

Since Lil I likes them so much I thought I would piece then all together and make her a poncho.  (Renee mentioned it and it has stuck with me.)

I will have to make several more, which will be awesome because I love crocheting them, then I will surprise Lil O with the poncho.

Since you know my addiction why don't you share one of yours.

She works hard for her money.

I never saw this coming.  I'm surprised that she was able to find a job since she is constantly sucking my boob but obviously I was wrong.

Tonight Superdad and I were watching TV.  Baby M brings in the musical piano to dance.  She starts her music and tells her daddy to watch her dance.  She's got the moves.  We are laughing.  She's dancing.  Then we see her put her hand in her pants and pull out a dollar bill.

I KID YOU NOT!!!!!!!

She pulls a dollar bill out of her pants.

Priceless!!!!  So, of course I had to blog about it.

So, Baby M is working on the side.  Lil O is progressing well too in the school area.

She was having a hard time getting back into the swing of things after we came back from vacation.  It was really sad and hard on all of us.  Yesterday, we had our parent teacher conference with her teacher.  We were glad to all be on the same page.  Lil O is actually happy and excited about going to school now.  She doesn't argue or cry in the morning because she doesn't want to go.  She was even super dooper excited to go back to school and show off her earrings.

I'm so proud of my baby girl.  Today she brought home her finished workbook from school.  She went through it with us explaining what she did on each page.

Sigh.....next thing she will be picking out her prom dress.

Three weeks and one more period.

Today marks three weeks until my hysterectomy.  Yes, I am counting.  I am ready for this and ready for this to be over.  I am ready to start re-cooperating.  I did realize that I will have one more period before my hysterectomy.  One more period.  That sort of seals the deal.

No more periods, sign me up!!!!!

Don't hate me just yet because remember I do have THREE daughters!!!!!!!!!  There will be plenty of periods going on around here!!!

Twitch twitch...

Kind of sucks the joy out of not having anymore periods for me.

Oh, well....

Yesterday was 10-10-10 10:10 twice.  Pretty cool huh?  I thought so.  Time is just flying.  I've noticed that as I get older time just goes by so fast.  It's scary to think that one day I will die and not be here anymore.  I guess as the people I've known the longest die, like my great uncle last week, I realize that I am becoming the older person in the family and my time will be here before I know it.

I no longer have anymore great uncles.  Uncle Don was the last one for me.  Sigh....

Anyway, today I have parent teacher conference for Lil O about her progress in K.  Then tonight we have family visitation at the funeral home.  I think to cheer me up I will watch Sister Wives from last night.  I always have to watch it on Monday because Sunday is Mad Men night at our house.

I heart Sister Wives (real life Big Love)!!!!!!!!  I will blog about that another time.

Explaining death can actually make you giggle.

Explaining death may not be a strong quality of mine but I did my best.  Lil O has never really had to experience death, except for the classroom fish.

This morning while in line to wait for Lil O's school to open I get a call from my daughter about Uncle Don, who is my Mamaw's baby brother, even though he is 78.  Long story short is that he had died during the night and my grandmother didn't know yet.  I was a mess.  There was no way I was telling my Mamaw over the phone about this.  Instead of waiting the ten minutes until I could let Lil O go into school I just left.

I didn't want to wait those extra minutes when I could be on the road heading to her house to tell her.

While trying to explain to Lil O why I left and she wasn't going to school I remembered the classroom fish dying.

Me ~ We need to get to Mamaw's house right away.  Her brother died and she needs us.  She will be very sad and we need to give her hugs and kisses.

Lil O ~ Well, why do we have to go to her house?

Me ~ Because he brother isn't here anymore and we need to go be with Mamaw right now.  Remember when your classroom fish died and you didn't see it anymore?

Lil O ~ They aren't going to flush him down the toilet are they??????????????

I need to work on explaining death a bit better...

Where did that come from? That was so out of the blue.

I've always thought it important to let my kids make their own decisions about their body.  Even when it comes to ear piercing.  I never took it upon myself to have their ears pierced when they was babies.  I thought it rather cruel but that is only my opinion.

This morning Lil O told me she wants her ears pierced.  Yes, just out of the blue it happened.  I was thinking "What happened to my daughter?".  My shy timid five year old daughter wants her ears pierced.

So, after school I am going to take her to get her ears pierced.  I'm so proud of her for wanting to do this.  It makes me realize that she is growing up into a lovely young lady.  She was all excited and said, "I cannot wait to tell my friends I'm getting my ears pierced!"

WOW, I never saw this coming.

Vaseline Intensive Rescue Lotion and Michelle Lee (that's me) work together.

I was able to be included in the most amazing experience since I've been the Supermom of The Adventures of Supermom.  I am finally able to blog about it!!!  Whew!!  I've been chomping at the bit to blog about all of this but was unable to.


I was contacted about reviewing a Vaseline product in May, I believe,and then tell about how it changed my life.  Boy, did it ever change my life.  I've always been a sufferer of dry skin.  I've tried so many different lotions and still have dry skin.  I have requirements when it comes to a lotion.  It needs to be light feeling, I cannot stand feeling like I have a sticky glaze all over me.  It must be unscented because I never know when a scent will trigger a migraine.  So, with those two requirements I still hadn't found a lotion that works for me.

UNTIL Vaseline sent me their Intensive Rescue Lotion to review!  O. M. G.  It was instant LOVE!  Unlike other lotions I have tried I was able to apply after my bath and not worry about my skin being dry by afternoon.  AWESOME!!!!  It was light and didn't have a scent!  I was in lotion heaven.

So, of course I was so happy and told them all of this in my review.

They contacted me in June about having a phone conversation to talk about my testimonial.  I didn't think anything about it because I figured they just wanted to go over the results.  Our conversation had to be put on hold because that was when I wasn't feeling well, went through a physical and then ended up with kidney stones.  REMEMBER when I went through all of that?????

We ended up talking on the phone on July 6.  They asked if I'd like to be a part of working on a webfilm about the product.  Well, DUH!!!  Of course I did!!!!

My testimonial was 150% true and why wouldn't I want to tell everyone how the lotion had made me change about how I feel about my skin.

Things moved rather quickly at this point.  Next thing I knew, five days later, I was talking to a Director from Los Angeles, California in my dining room.  It was a amazing experience.  I just tried to suck it all in and have the best time of my life.  That is exactly what I walked away with as well!

So, that Sunday the Director and the Producer were in my dining room drinking ice tea talking about my testimonial and going over the plan for the next couple of days.   (Remember that beautiful picture I posted of the lilies?  They were from them.)

Beautiful Flowers

I was so excited I couldn't stop smiling I am sure.  They were so friendly and polite and made me feel so at ease!!!

It did feel like I was dreaming.

So, Monday morning they come over again to take pictures of the house and have me try on clothes to be filmed in.  It was funny watching the Producer go through my tiny closet of t-shirts and capri's to find me something to wear.  If she would have requested PJ's I would have been completely covered.  HA HA!!!

Tuesday morning, bright and early, people start to show up.  They were rearranging furniture and setting up for the shoot.  They sent Superdad and the kids out for breakfast because it had to be totally quiet for the interview part of the webfilm.  I HAD MY OWN MAKE-UP ARTIST show up!!!!  Seriously, I had someone come to my home to fix my make-up and hair.  She was wonderful.  She helped me change clothes and made me look beautiful.

Everyone that was here on Tuesday was amazing.  Everyone took time to play with the kids and help watch over them.  I say everyone as in the Director, Producer, two ad guys from New York, three camera guys and make-up artist.

I won't go into detail about filming because TODAY you can see for yourself the end product!!!!!!

Without further ado, here is my Vaseline Intensive Rescue webfilm.

That's a lot.

Conversation with Lil O.

Lil O ~ How old are you mommy?

Me ~ 36

Lil O ~ WOW!!!  That's a lot.

Me ~ Are you calling me old????

Lil O ~ No, but it is a lot of years.

Me ~ How old are you?

Lil O ~ 5

Me ~ That's a lot of years too!!

Lil O ~ Not as much as you.

The Cardboard Cookie Goes To.....

Ever since Bryan brought over the laptop I was getting a secret thrill of stealing "borrowing" a neighbors wireless the short time I would use the Internet on the laptop while sitting on the couch.


Yesterday we had some crazy wind and lost power, cable TV and Internet.  Eventually everything came back on but the Internet. 

I booted up the laptop this morning to see if I could "borrow" someones wireless to check my mail and blog.  The option that I had been using was no longer listed in the list.  Then it hit me.  SMACK. 

The wireless that I was getting a thrill using belonged to us.  Turns out our router is also wireless.   You'd think Superdad would have remember buying a wireless router.  I'm just sayin'.

BUMMER!!!  The sneaking around is over.  Sniff.  Sniff.  The thrill is gone.

So, Superdad replaced the modem to get us back up and running.  Sadly the router is fried too.  So, now I have no wireless until he buys a new one.  He just bought a brand new surge protector and they guarantee it works.  IT DOESN'T!!!  The outage yesterday killed our modem and router. 

I proudly accept this award!!!!  May I never "borrow" someones Internet again. 


My hysterectomy was planned a couple of days ago and I just haven't blogged about it.  I had hoped to take care of my ickiness a lot sooner but I will be patient and wait four weeks.  November 1 is the date unless there is a cancellation then I may be next in line.

I'm just worried about recovering because I have some Supermom things going on that I cannot talk about yet and I have to be well rested and recovered before I can jump on board for lots of exciting fun.  Trust me, you will know as soon as I can tell you.

Now, back to my hysterectomy.  I'm surprised that I'm not sad about losing this valuable body part of mine.  I guess it's served its purpose at this point in my life so I'm not to stressed about it.  If it weren't making me feel so bad I'd keep it and then be depressed that Superdad wouldn't let me have any more children so maybe it's a good thing that I won't have to worry about that now.  HA HA!!  Sorry Superdad but you know as much as I do that I'd be begging for another baby if I had a uterus and was able to carry a baby.

I'd have a couple more if we like won the lottery or inherited BIG!!!

I am doing what I told I was going to do though and that is do more things that I want to do.  I'll have you know that Monday was the first day in 2 1/2 weeks that I vacuumed the house.  If you know what an OCD freak I am then you'd be amazed at reading that.  Yes, 2 1/2 weeks.  Just ask Superdad.

I've been crocheting more too.  I love crocheting.  I've made some cute things.  A pear with a worn.  A pear with a snail.  Also an octopus.

Crochet Octopus

Even an egg.

Crochet Egg

With a surprise.

Crochet Egg

So, what came first.  The chicken or the egg?

Crochet Egg

Or maybe the octopus came first.

Crochet Octopus and Egg

Right now I am crocheting myself a scarf.  I hope to finish it tonight then Lil O and Baby M want me to make them one to match!  I'm totally ON IT!!!!!