Welcome to my back yard.

Well, it's almost my back yard.

Every year Superdad takes the kids up on the Blue Ridge Parkway to pick blueberries.  It's a wonderful time to bond with the kids and everyone really enjoys the adventure.

A few weeks ago they loaded up in the car to head up to pick blueberries.  Sadly, this year there were no blueberries to pick.

He did snap some great pictures that I want to show you.

That's one of our friends looking at the mountains.


An awesome picture of B.


Superdad, Lil O and B.


Superdad and Lil O.  I love this picture.


Too bad there weren't any blueberries to be found for pancakes and muffins. 

Last year I made some yummy blueberry bread.

The Making of Blueberry Bread