Week in Review.

Guess who's back?  Supermom is back. 

I'm actually just out of the shower wearing my jeans and a t-shirt.  I'm loving this Fall weather and not having to shave my legs.  Yes, they are hairy!  I should have shown you on the video!! 

Baby M is a camera hog.  Everyone is in school and she's my shadow!!!!

The Adventures of Supermom thanks Byran Freeborn and AVL Marketing for donating a wonderful laptop.  It's come in handy blogging. 

I'd like to apologize to my neighbors for using your wireless while setting up the laptop.  I promise I wasn't trying to hack in to your computer.  I can donate a few bucks for the time I used if you insist. 

Why can't we all just share???????  I'm only blogging for a few minutes a day.  I don't download on the laptop.  Most of my blogging is even done during the night. 

Oh, well.  Now, you know.

Sorry we had to rush off the camera battery starting flashing red. 

Thanks for visiting The Adventure of Supermom!!!  We hope you have a wonderful Labor Day long weekend.


That's COOL that you got a laptop!
I just HAVE a laptop. Me and hubby both.
We probably need a desktop someday...

And a blackberry.
I hope your back feels better soon!
Pain Stinks!
Anonymous said…
I think another pregnancy would solve the back pain ;) Try that one on Super Dad.
Anonymous said…
Are your legs hairy because your back hurts or are you just getting ready for colder weather?
this was the best ever! tell Mads Im blowing kisses right back at her! I love her little....well big personality! Im glad your rays were normal and that you have a laptop!
Supermom said…
Thanks everyone.

No, my legs are hairy because I don't like shaving when it gets colder.

NO MORE BABIES. I'm over that urge. I think.

Renee ~ She loves her Auntie Na!! Come see us!!!! I will make cupcakes.