That's a little harsh, don't you think?

Lil O gets in the car after school today and tells me that one of the classroom fish died and they flushed it down the toilet. 

Then she continued to talk about the fish that died and that she was sad.

Yeah, I can see the trauma.  Kids see fish floating in bowl and then watch fish be flushed down the toilet. 

Lovely.  Boy, I'm glad Lil O started Kindergarten because I was running low on blogging material.


Ahh burial at sea. Lovely.
Glad you got more blogging material!
Monica said…
I never could flush my fish. I buried mine in little coffin
s made with tooth pick boxes and a soft cotton bed. I would pray over they as me and cricket gathered by their grave side.
Sara-Lynn said…
Well, all I can say is check out My lil one's drama and her fish! You might see some humor!

Remember her dad is a funeral director! LOL!