That's all folks.

Today I took my bathing suit off for the last time this vacation.  Then I actually took a nap with Baby M.  Ahhhhhh...

The "To Do" list for the rest of our vacation:

Walk the beach, eat dinner at Taco Boy one last time then enjoy a glass of wine on the porch listening to the ocean. 

It has been a wonderful vacation.  The only thing that would have made it perfect if H and B were able to be here too.  I've missed them terribly.  They would have had a nice vacation too.  H would have enjoyed watching the young surfer guys and B would have loved playing on his boogy board.  I hope we are all able to come at Thanksgiving. 

We shall see.

Anyway, this morning my sis and nieces headed back to Asheville.  It's quiet now.  HA HA!!  There aren't four girls, under 9, running around the house.  HA HA!!!

I had almost talked myself into going home after dinner.  I even started packing things up in the house.  I'm just ready to go home and sleep in my bed.  I'm anxious because of everything I have to do before Monday rolls around.  The house has ZERO food so a big grocery store visit is a must. 

Then I have to have everything ready for school to start on Monday.  Clothes and lunches planned out. 

Superdad was agreeable with driving in the dark but I'm going to overcome my anxiety and stay our one last night at the house on the beach.

Even though I've gotten bitten by some bug on the beach and my neck is a red itchy mess.  It actually hurts and itches.  Superdad went to the Piggly Wiggly and picked up some cortizone cream for me.  It's not working really.  Why my neck?  The only thing I can thing of is that last night we went for a walk on the beach and I had perfume on my neck from going out to dinner for seafood.  We had to have some seafood while actually smelling the ocean and hearing it.  I started itching last night while watching a Warehouse 13 marathon as I uploaded pictures to Facebook.

See???  You have to look at an angle so you can feel my pain.

Another thing besides shells that I have collected it FRECKLES!!!!  I think I could easily have over a million by now. 

So, lets see.  Itchy mess and more freckles.  WOW, what a way to end a vacation.

I do hope my rash is gone before I go to the doctor on Tuesday.