Teaching the child left behind to play on their own.

It is a lot harder than it sounds, trust me.

Since Lil O has started school poor Baby M doesn't know what to do with being alone.  I thought she was my shadow before!!  I was wrong.  I cannot even describe how she is now.  Hmmm, let me try.

Okay, the only time I am alone and can do something that I want to do IS...

while she naps.  

Which isn't long enough truth be told.  I drink my coffee, she's trying to nurse beside me on the couch.  I try to crochet, she is pulling my yarn while using me as a trampoline.  I try to blog, she pitches a temper tantrum while drooling all over my nap.  I try to use the bathroom, she hands me torn toilet paper squares for me to use.  I try to take a bath, she hands me the bath soap and watches me dry off.  I try to load the dishwasher, she plays in the fridge.  I wash clothes and she helps load the washer or dryer.  I try to clean and she has to help with her own cleaning rag and take turns pushing the vacuum.

I think you get my drift.

I try to encourage her and show her how to play on her own.  I will get her set up and encourage her to use her imagination.

So, far it only works for about 15 minutes at each given time.  Yesterday morning I set up all these fun colorful blocks with alphabet letters printed on the outside and toys inside the block that relates to the letter.

I love these blocks.  They were the best investment!!!  I had fun this morning making castles and knocking them down with toy cars.  It was also learning for Baby M because I was able to teach her the alphabet and talk about the toys inside the blocks.  We had a wonderful time.

Today we string beads!!!!!

Do you have any advice on teaching a child to play by them self using their imagination while their siblings are in school?


Danielle Franklin said…
I dunno Supermom. I was an only child so I had to learn how to play by myself. Have you tried movies, coloring books, let her listening to music? That's basically what I did to entertain myself as a child. Hope this helps!