Sliding Glass Door ~ Yes, the door is closed.

Last night I was rolling around in the floor laughing my butt off.  I was literally hurting because I was laughing so hard. 

Picture if you will.

It's dark.  My sister and my nieces finally make it here to spend some quality time with me at the beach.  My nieces, who are 5 and 9 go on the porch to see the stars and the lights on the pier.  I shut the sliding glass door behind them to keep any pesky bug out and my air in. 

I'm on the couch talking to Superdad when we hear a BAMMMM!!!  I look up to see niece #1's face smashed into the door.  I'm laughing hysterically!!!  Then I hear her laughing/crying outside so I jump up real quick to check on her.  She's laughing as tears roll down her face.

I'm down on the floor checking her nose, mouth and lips out to make sure I don't see any blood.


We hear another BAMMMM!!!!!!!!

I turn around and see niece #2's face smashed into the glass door. 

I couldn't take it!!!!  I was in the floor laughing until it hurt.  Niece #1 was laughing toooo!

O.M.G. it was hilarious.

So, we need to think about bringing some decals next time so the girls know when the door is closed.