September 11th

Today is September 11th.  Sigh.  I am just sitting here thinking about what happened that day.  I know exactly what I was doing that day. 

I had slept in because I didn't have to work that morning.  Then with my coffee I headed to the couch and called my then boyfriend.  His first words to me were, "Turn on the TV."  I asked, "What channel?" 


It was like I was watching a movie.  I was in total shock seeing the second plane come in and hit the Tower.  I was just numb. 

I couldn't believe what I was seeing.  Everyone was watching from every available TV and listening on the Radio.  We all were praying.  We were all mourning.  We were supporting our neighbors.  We were One.

So, today I will be thinking of what happened that day, praying for everyone that was there and praying for everyone that lost someone in their life on that day.


Monica said…
I had to work that day but was going in late so I was eating breakfast with my mom trying to watch on a TV in the dinner with no sound. All day all I heard from customers were rumors of what was going on. I was in the dark about the most of it all day.

In the paint dept. We did set up a TV and leave it where customers could see. It was not so easy for employees to listen though.
Anna said…
I was at the tutoring center where I worked and one of the teachers called and said, "An airplane just crashed into the World Trade Center!" I didn't believe her and thought it was a joke. She said, "I'm watching it happen right now on TV." Her son was a pilot and she had no idea if he was flying the plane. As we talked, the second plane hit. I remembered that my cousing Lee worked in a building right next to the WTC. I called her mother ina panic who reminded me that Lee was in Atlanta that day. Then the news came in that the Pentagon had been hit. All the federal buildings had been shut down. At the time, my mom worked for the government, so I had concerns for her. No one knew what was going to happen next. It was all surreal. Mom came to work and we went for an early lunch and watched the towers collapse. The silence of no planes in the skies for the following days was eerie. Even though I wasn't there and lost no one close to me, I am still affected by the events of that day. I think it was a day that most contemporary Americans woke up to reality. Unfortunately, we've gone back to sleep.
Wow. I will not forget. i will remember. I love America and the freedoms I have!
thanks for posting!