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No one wants to die in the forest!! Kids have a way with words.

September 1, 2010

I cannot believe it is the first day of September!!!  Wow, this year is flying by so fast!!!  It seems like yesterday I was sound asleep while everyone else was ringing in the New Year.  

Just think the year isn't even over but so many wonderful things have happened. 

I thought about starting a Newsletter to send out once a month.  Would that be something my loyal fans would be interested in?  Just comment below and let me know.  I could include Super Family News, never seen before photos and perhaps share a recipe or a book that we are reading.  I thought it would be pretty neat myself if there were enough interested. 

So, yesterday I went for lumbar x-rays.  I haven't heard anything just yet about them.  I hope to hear today or tomorrow at the latest or I'm going to call the office.  I thought I would wean myself off my meds to see how the pain actually was.  I didn't take my meds last night or first thing this morning.  That was  a big no no because once I was up moving around I began to realize how bad my back actually hurt. 

Thankfully I have such a wonderful family and wonderful friends because my mamaw and great aunt are bringing dinner by tonight and my BFF Anna is bringing dinner over tomorrow.  My kids and Superdad will be so grateful because everyone is tired of cereal for dinner.  (And breakfast and lunch.)


I'd also like to thank my sister for driving for to the doc yesterday and putting clean sheets on my bed for me.  It was nice crawling into those clean sheets last night at bedtime.  Ahhh, I love clean sheet night.  Don't you?

Well, this Supermom is going to do absolutely nothing if I can and I'll try to blog again soon.


Sara-Lynn said…
I hope you are feeling better. I'm here if you need to chat! I'd over to bring you food, but I assume you all like living! LOL! HUGS!

P.S. I love clean sheets too!!
Monica said…
Want me to share some food too I got froze

I'm sitting here waiting for you to call me or text to tell me you called the doctor...~tapping toe~
Monica said…
I'm sitting ang eatting dinner and for some reason out of left field it hit me like a brick. CEREAL FOR DINNER! WHAT! that is fine but DOES SUPERDAD NOT KNOW HOW TO COOK!?????? OMG!!!!

I think a big secret is out "B" CAN'T cook!

I don't believe supermom has a hubby that can't boil water. no wonder he doesn't drink coffee. H don't know how to turn it on. j/k
Supermom said…
Pizza said in a trance.

I love you guys!!!

Now now don't rag Superdad too much. He can cook in a bind but it's not his thing. I guess. :)

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