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On The Beach

Today has been the most relaxing day!  The only thing I had to remember to do was breath.  Really, it has been that relaxing.

It's not every day that I get to watch the sun rise while enjoying my hot coffee on the porch listening to the ocean.  Sigh....  This is the life.

Folly Beach

We hit the beach after a morning walk collecting shells.  Superdad even snagged a few shark teeth.  You should see his collection from over the years. 

The girls working on a sand castle.  I was sitting in a beach chair trying to get into a book.  It didn't happen. 

Folly Beach

Folly Beach

I ended up walking on the beach with the babes as Superdad watched the dolphins play in the water.  They'd jump up in the air showing off out in the ocean.

Folly Beach

While sitting in my chair I noticed this lil guy popping in and out of his hole in the sand.  It was adorable.  You'd see his little eyes and then his body.  If he saw any movement he'd be gone in a flash.

Folly Beach

We decided to hit a local spot for some dinner.  We went to Taco Boy.  The food was excellent!!!!!  Just delicious.  I even sampled a frozen margarita.  YUMMY!!!!  In this shot you can see the enjoyment on my face.  HA HA!!!  I'm still full from dinner!!!!!  If you are in the area of Taco Boy you should try them out!!!  Promise, you will love the food.

Folly Beach

The night wouldn't be complete without a stroll on the beach looking for shells before bed.  Lil O kept writing messages in the sand.  If you look close enough you can see baby footprints near her message.  We love you too Lil O!!!

Folly Beach

Our first full day has been amazing!!!!!!!  Life is Good.

I found this picture from yesterdays walk on the beach.  See how happy and relaxed I look??  I tell you, I belong on a beach!!!!!!!!  It's in my blood.

Folly Beach


Kelly said...

Oh, I wish I had a beach within reach!! That looks wonderful!!

Monica said...

I think M had a bit of supermom's drink or she may be ready for bed...lol