Making lunch special for your little ones.

As you all know Lil O started Kindergarten at the Montessori School last month.  It was such a huge milestone for our baby to be in school.  She had been home with us every single day for the past 5 years and now we are supposed to let someone else take care of our baby.  It was hard on us for sure.

At the school Lil O goes to we have to pack her lunch.  They have a strict food rules due to allergies with the other children.  No tree nuts.  No sugar.  No sugar filled juices and NO CHOCOLATE.  Things like that. 

One thing that has come out of those rules is my love for sunbutter!!!  If you haven't tried sunbutter then you must.  It's just ground up sunflower seeds.  YUMMY!!!!! 

It has fast become the only thing that Lil O will eat for lunch.  A sunbutter and grape jelly sandwich, carrot sticks, some sort of crackers, raisins and water.  The small boxes of raisins always came back home unopened so I stopped putting them in the bag.  I've tried sending in leftovers for her but she always requests a sandwich. 

So, to make lunch extra special for her I started making her bread into heart shapes.

Heart Bread

I will say that a few of my friends gave me a terribly hard time about making the bread into heart shapes.  But it was a HIT with Lil O and her friends.  She loved her heart bread!!!!  I knew she would and it made her lunch extra special.

I even tried to bake a red heart mold into my bread once but it didn't turn out the way I had hoped after the bread had risen.  We just called it tie-dye bread.  It was even a hit too.

The only bad thing about cutting the bread into hearts is that it made the sandwich too small. 

So, I came up with Plan C.

I took a heart cookie cutter.  Dipped it into pink food coloring and pressed it into the sandwich.

Heart Bread

Just genius I tell you!!!!!!!

So, tomorrow my baby is going to enjoy her sunbutter and grape jelly sandwich with the pink heart stamped on top and know that her mommy loves her. 

Also, yesterday I crocheted Lil O some friendship bracelets for her two new friends at school.  Today she came home without hers because she gave it to another girl.  Now, that's a true friendship bracelet.  I quickly crocheted three more for her to take to school tomorrow.

Friendship Bracelets

I am Supermom hear me ROAR!!!!!!!!!!


rmsnowden81 said…
OK, great. Now I too can make cutesy heart stamped sandwiches (you know, hypothetically). And I love the friendship bracelets. Glad O is doing well in school and making new friends!
Aww. CUTE! Yes You are. Supermom for SURE! :)
Sara-Lynn said…
Hey! Now who would make fun of those sandwhiches. LOL! Rolls eyes...I wonder who!??!? You are so creative and such a supermom!
Heather Nicole said…
My mom used a cookie cutter to cut my heart shaped sandwiches until I was in middle school. I loved it and everyone else was jealous!! Go Supermom!
Supermom said…
Thanks everyone!!!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend.
Michelle :)
Hi Michelle,
'Came across your fun blog while looking for SunButter recipes. As a SunButter blogger, I love your creative signature on your lil ones sandwiches. As a fellow lunch-packing mom, I so appreciate the great idea!
If you're interested, our online recipe box of nut-free school friendly snacks and more is here:
Take care.
michelle said…
those are stinking adorable bracelets! makes me want little girls!
Hi there,
I'm doing a post for the SunButter blog, and would love to link back to this post. Full credit to you, of course. Let me know if that's okay. Thanks.
Supermom said…
Sure thing. Sounds fun!