Life is Good Part 2.

Yesterday was filled with sand and ocean fun!  I just keep giving gratitude for this amazing vacation that we've been able to take.

We hit the beach with the kids pretty early to play in the sand and ride the waves in the ocean.  Baby M thought it was totally cool to ride the boogy boards that my sister brought with her. 

I was just content to sit in a chair and soak up some rays.  HA HA!!!  I had so much sunscreen on me that I just collect all these freckles.  I think I have over a million now!!!!  My sister made fun of me about the sunscreen because I'd hose the kids down.  I went through one bottle of sunscreen in TWO days because I just coated my kids and myself down with it. 

I may be the whitest gal on the beach but I bet I won't have skin cancer from laying in the sun! 

After lunch and naps we loaded up in the minivan and hit some local places.  We had heard about this amazing BBQ place that we had to go eat at before we left.  I am all about a good plate of BBQ!!!!!  I guess it's a southern thing.

We went to JB's Smokeshack where all the locals go. It was awesome!!!!!  We were able to eat on the buffet at an amazing price.  $30.00 for SIX people!!!!!  I kid you not!!! 

The buffet was amazing!!!!!!!!  The BBQ was the most amazing I've ever had!!!  The leave the sauce off and you can pick from 6 or 7 different kinds on your table.  My sister's fave sauce was Mama's Hot & Sweet (something like that) and mine was a mix of two, Mustard and Vinegar.  Don't even get us started on the chicken!!!  The skin on the chicken was the tastiest I've ever had!!!!!!  I'm not a skin eater but this stuff was awesome!!!

Any buffet that has pickled okra on it has two thumbs up from me!!!!!!!! 

Let's talk about dessert.  A yummy chocolate pudding dirt cake, BANANA PUDDING and a chocolate eclair cake pudding.  Of course I trued all three. 

When we make it back next year we will be going back!!!!!!!!!!

After eating the best BBQ ever we went to visit the Angel Oak.  This beautiful tree is thought to be over 1500 years old.

It was the most amazing thing I have ever seen. 

You'd think we be tired by then but nope we went to visit the Lighthouse.  This is my favorite place to visit when we are at Folly Beach.  

Okay, the sand and waves are calling my name.