Life if Good.

Folly Beach

We made it to the beach.  The ride was a bit nerve racking but seeing the ocean at the end of the journey made it all worth it.  First, Lil O kept asking about how long the trip was every few minutes and Baby M was fighting sleep and cried because I wouldn't give her ninny. 

In the end I crawled in the back with her and formed myself into a pretzel so she could breastfeed while in her carseat!  Yes, I am SUPERMOM!!!!!

It's beautiful here. 

Just beautiful.

As soon as we unpacked the suitcases and stocked up the kitchen we hit the sand and surf.  We collected an assortment of shells.  We ran into some kids showing off their starfish.  I wasn't about to tell them that the critters they had collected were still alive. 

Just about them Superdad picked one up from the ocean and I had him put it in my bucket.  BUT IT WAS MOVING so I had him throw it back in.  I may be all sorts of things but a STARFISH KILLER I AM NOT!!!!!!!!  I just wouldn't be able to sleep at night knowing I had killed a creature from the sea.

I'm just a goof ball!!!!!

I leave you with a view from our porch.  I am enjoying the wireless Internet from the porch while drinking a cold brew.

Life is Good.

Folly Beach


Monica said…
:( I miss you come back home... What will I do. Eating dinner with my mom I looked at my black berry my mom said you are really going to miss michelle this week I can tell. :')
Monica said…
I cant even make a crying face :'(