I'm crafty like that.

I meant what I said in an earlier post about relaxing more and doing more things that I enjoy.  As you all know I have this love affair with cotton yarn so this is what I have been working on the past few days.

I've worked more today on it because I'm "recovering" from a migraine that I had last night and some this morning.

The pattern called for a lighter yellow yarn for the pear but I didn't have a yellow color so I used a peach color.  That's the beauty of art, things don't have to be the exact color. 

A Pear.

Crochet Pear

A Pear with a surprise inside.

Crochet Pear with Worm


Crochet  with Worm

I love YARN!!!!!!!!


Mrs Furious said…
Jenn9474 said…
That is precious!! Love it!!
Adorable but is this what you can relaxing?