I might send you a postcard.

In two days we are loading up the minivan and driving four hours to relax on the beach.  I'm really excited.  I so need a vacation.  Even if the babies are going with us, I hope to be able to relax.
The walkway from our house to the beach.

You mean you're leaving H & B home??????  Yes, we are.  I was going to do whatever it took for them to go and get all their school work for them to do so that they could go BUT hormonal teenager said she'd get too far behind so she wouldn't go with us.  Giving up the beach for Chemistry Honors!!!! 

At first I was bummed to be enjoying the beach and not taking two of my kids with me.  But I got over it rather quickly because I am leaving them in good hands.  My friend Anna is going to come "babysit" the youngin's while I am away.  That way they can stay home and go to school instead of going off somewhere else.  With Anna here no boys can sneak over and B won't be playing video games all night.  ha ha  (Unless Anna sneaks her husband over to fulfill that naughty babysitter fantasy.)  I bet I just gave her an idea. 

So, back to my vacation plans. 

We have no plans.  Just be.

I am looking forward to walking through the sand and feeling the ocean breeze go through my short hair.  Sitting on the porch watching the waves roll in enjoying a glass of wine.  Just letting the kids play.  Baby M already has plans to build the biggest sand castle ever!!!  Lil O is going to build one bigger than Baby M she says.  You know sibling rivalry at its best.

Don't worry, I will blog while I'm away!!!  You will think you are on vacation with us!!!  You just won't be able to smell to ocean or enjoy wine with me on the porch. 

Here are a few random pictures from our beach trip last year.

Lil O in the ocean.  I love this picture.  Mr Furious took this with his camera.  (Mr and Mrs Furious came down for a few nights last year.)

A beautiful sun rise from our porch.

Playing in the ocean.

Sigh, just two more days.


Sounds like you will have a fabulous time!! ENJOY!
What beach?