Guess what I had to do this morning???

I had to get gas in the minivan in my pj's and bathrobe.

We were running crazy this morning only to get to the van and realize it's on EMPTY!!!!!  Just my luck.  Soooooo, what do I do?

I stop and get gas.  In my pj's and bathrobe.  Like any Supermom would do.

Supermom gets gas.

Supermom gets gas.


Kelly said…
Funny!! That's right, moms do what we have to do!!
guurrrl said…
Love the shot of your toes! :)
Supermom said…
LOL, thanks Gail. Me too.
Laurel said…
I see a Tee, toes,legs and an open robe, were you Superflashing?