Being confident with the decisions you have to make is easier than you think.

This blog post is about periods, having a hysterectomy and kids being a pain in the butt at times, so you may not want to read if you don't want to hear any of this.

Last Tuesday I was faced with making a choice about my uterus.  Leave it alone or do something about it.  Going into the appointment I had basically already decided to have it removed because of all the problems and pain it was causing me.  Painful periods, low back pain and being anemic.

Then I started to have second thoughts about it.  I had the baby fever hit me again one night as I was watching Baby M and Lil O sleep.  So, I went to sleep very sad about not having anymore children.  Not being pregnant again hit me extremely hard.

Then after being all mushy they decided to poke me to wake me up about 6 am!!!!!!  Poke poke poke.  It was like a Facebook marathon only in real life.  Then there was the jumping on me as I was trying to rest on the couch.  Tantrum including screaming, crying and lots of drool.  Add hormonal teenager attitude and I'm so ready for a hysterectomy.

Then I started my period.  More like gushing blood and having shooting pains in my uterus.  I thought that maybe the vaginal ultrasound may have irritated things because this period was much more painful that the ones before.

Yes, I'm ready for my hysterectomy.  Hurry up doctor and call to schedule this procedure!!  I'm ready!!

If I get the baby fever again I will just go buy a dog or plant.  Or just crochet something!!!!


Anonymous said…
Michelle- there are a lot of children who would love to have you as their mother. They came from another mother, but are yours just the same.

I had a hysterectomy in 2007 and it was the best decision I have ever made!

And then there is G, he is the best thing that every happened to me.
Supermom said…
Thank you N for the comment!!!

You are soooo right!!!!!

Sara-Lynn said…
Baby fever is hitting me hard! I don't know what to do!! Good luck Michelle...If you need anything I'm here for you! HUGS!