I'm halfway through BLOGAPALOOZA!!!!!!! 

It feel AWESOME to have made it this far.  Maybe that's the coffee talking.  Maybe it's because I love a good challenge. 

So, let's talk TV.  Tell me some of the shows you enjoy watching.

I for one love British television shows.  Doctor Who and The IT Crowd are HILARIOUS!!!!!!!

I am a Mad Men and Burn Notice junkie.  (hanging head)  I CANNOT HELP IT!!!

I enjoy Bored to Death!  We even named the play horse Janet from the show.  HA HA!!!  Plus Ted Danson is in it so you know I'm a fan.  (Along with Cheers and Becker reruns I am all set.)

I enjoy Castle with the handsome Nathan Fillion.  (Even though I bet he's gay.)  I still drool over his "ruggedly handsome" character!!!!! 

Then there's Flight of the Conchords.  I'd love Bret and Jemaine to write and sing a Supermom Theme Song.  IT WOULD BE BEYOND COOL IF I COULD TALK THEM INTO IT.

So, what does my telly style say about me?


Sara-Lynn said…
Like the engnie that could...I THINK I CAN I THINK I CAN!!!
Keshia said…
My all time fav tv show is NCIS. I can watch them over and over. I like Royal Pains too but I only watch the new ones :)
Rose said…
I don't have cable tv. I enjoyed Gimore Girls when it was on though.