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Week in Review.

Back by popular demand!  Week in Review!!!

I survived Blog2Print's first ever Blogapalooza.  Now, to write notes to Keshia and Sara-Lynn for commenting on all 24 blog posts!

H & B in school and Lil O started Kindergarten. 

What will I do with only one baby in the house??  ENTERTAIN the one that's here because she demands it.

Thank you for visiting The Adventures of Supermom!!!!!!!


Sara-Lynn said...

Hey Lady!
You rock! It was my pleasure to comment on all your hard work! You gonna do it again next time? Thanks for the Shout out! And I so miss those days that you are having with Baby M! Have a wonderful weekend yourself. I'm so glad that I found you! :)

Renee•Candy Stick Lane said...


Supermom said...

Barbara ~ Are you two ganging up on me giving hints???!??!