This one is dedicated to you.

My loyal loving fans!!!!!! 

Let me just do a quick shout out to all of the Supermom Fans out there.  The fans that take the time every day to read my gibberish and then take the time to comment on a certain topic.

The fans that refer me to other people in hopes that they will like me to.  The fans that laugh at my jokes.  The fans that cook some of my recipes.  The fans that actually consider using some of my parenting advice.  The fans that just think I am totally Supermom.

I hope you realize that I appreciate you so much.  I love it when you comment and I will comment back!  That's what I do to let you know I am real and not blogging for the hell of it.

I started blogging because I think I have lots to offer moms and dads.  I do have four kids after all.  I figure that if I can keep them alive until they get married off then I will have accomplished my job as Supermom. 

At times I may have a crap day but when I sit down to blog it always cheers me up.  You are my light at the end of the tunnel on certain days. 

So, keep coming back.  Bookmark me.  If you have the time, them comment.  Feel free to email as well.  I love email.  iheartsupermom @ aol . com

Remember without you, I'd be talking to myself!!! 


I hear ya Momma! I have four too all from 2 to 13 pure insanity and we decided to blog for 24 hours too.

What is up with that?
Supermom said…
Well, I will be up anyway sooo might as well enjoy a good challenge.
Sara-Lynn said…
And what's wrong with talking to yourself??? I do it all the time...just the other day I had the worlds best conversation! LOL! Ohh Wait maybe I should have had this conversation to myself and not shared it with the world! LOL! J/K!
Keshia said…
I agree with Sara-Lynn! I have some of my best conversations with myself. Sometimes other people just ruin them haha
Rose said…
I'm not a Supermom, but am a new reader of your blog. :)